A couple of hours ago Disney Plus gave a message that was a matter of debate, since they decided to adjust the subscription prices, this for the United States region. This after mentioning that this service is not being profitable for the company, so they will now implement commercials and raise prices to those who do not want to see them.

Once the news was scattered, it was logical that users were not going to be happy with prices, leaving their respective opinions within social networks, arguing that they should not make this abrupt change. Being the main factor the increase of more people to the platform, but with this decision they may be decreasing soon.

Here are some comments:

I will not lie. I love #disney, but increasing the #Disneyplus price given the current economic climate was very bad taste. Something in which many people trust to entertain at home during these difficult times in which we have 3 pandemics at the same time…

So Disney+ and Hulu prices are increasing individually and are introducing a level of ads for the same price you are paying now, but…

If you have a package, no price increases were announced. Get a package and save!


It’s funny because the same day this happened is the same day that Disney+ increased its price.

Eventually, we will return to cable television and the cable connectors will be the new cable cutters.

It is worth mentioning that this same day it was announced that Disney Plus won the number of total subscribers to Netflix just three years of releases. Racha that might not continue from next December 9 , date on which the new memberships will be launched with advertisements paid in between.