The store page of the deck-constructed strategy Krzyżacy-The Knights of the Cross developed by Longyou Game Studio was released today on Steam on August 8.

This game is set in Poland and Lithuania for more than 100 years, with more than 30 friends with different personalities, including seven types of occupations such as shooters, gunners and warriors. The purpose of the player is to build a unique legend in the next adventure.

One of the features is that the players themselves can create a story, such as the occasional decision of players, which has an irreversible impact on various fields.

The battle is performed on a deck type, and the strategy is greatly affected by the deck built in advance, such as attacking, defense, or how to do it.

Above all, it is the precise dot picture that gets an eye on the store page. The finely drawn dot painting, such as chibi characters and backgrounds in the battle scene, will surely remind you of the memories of the good old 16-bit.

The deck-type strategy krzyżcy-the knights of the cross , which can shine a dot picture that can be called a craftsmanship, will be released on February 9, 2023.