Having a choice of many exotic helmets, such as Celestial Nighthawk and Graviton Forfeit, it can be difficult for hunters to choose a suitable helmet. Destiny 2 is full of exotic armor, which radically change the course of the battle, providing the players with unique mechanics, thanks to which each battle seems new and fresh. One of these single armor is Knucklehead Radar, an exotic helmet that only hunters can wear. Here is a description of what Knucklehead Radar is and how to use it.

What is Knucklehead Radar in Destiny 2?

Abilities Knucklehead Radar

Knucklehead Radar has a Upgraded Sensor Pack Perk, which provides a radar while you aim and increases the resolution of your radar when you squat. This exotic is the only part of the armor that shows a radar, even when you bring the sight . As for improving the resolution of the radar, your radar usually looks like this:


However, when you squatted with the outfitted Knucklehead Radar, Your radar becomes more accurate . You can more accurately determine the direction of any dangers. The extended radar looks like this:

This ability is incredibly useful in PVP due to the exact detection of radars. Knucklehead Radar saves players from guesses in battle and allows you to always keep abreast of the whereabouts of the enemy. Despite the fact that this ability is the highest in PVP , it is less useful in PVE. As a rule, the exact location of ordinary enemies is less important than the location of the player.

Knucklehead Radar is building

This helmet is most effective in pair with hand-gun or automatic . With such a hand gun as Last Word or Malfeasance, the combination can be fatal. Nevertheless, Knucklehead Radar should not be combined with an exotic hand-gun Ace of Spades, as this weapon also includes a radar during aiming.

As for automatic rifles, Knucklehead Radar goes well with Gnawing Hunger or Krait . The radar, which is provided during aiming, is useful for those who like to inflict damage, but at the same time maintain a sense of situational awareness. This combination is deadly in the crucible, and also beneficial for PVE, although this is not the best option for PVE.

Alternatives Knucklehead Radar

foetracer-an exotic helmet of a hunter

Foetracer-an exotic helmet of the hunter, visually marks the enemies red . This helmet also inflicts more damage to enemies with a low level of health and also increases the efficiency of all weapons in the air . Although its ability is different from Knucklehead Radar, its main philosophy is still to identify all enemies.

Foetracer helps reduce chaos in shootouts and does not allow players to merge with the background. It is primarily effective in PVP, and although it increases the damage caused by enemies with a low level of health, in PVE is inferior to other exoticism. This is a good alternative to Knucklehead Radar, especially if it is difficult for you to find enemies.

peak ace-exotic hand gun

The peak ace is an exotic hand gun, includes a player radar when aiming . Despite the lack of improved resolution of the radar, Ace of Spades is the closest alternative to Knucklehead Radar due to their similar advantages. This hand gun is extremely strong in PVP, and although it is less viable in PVE, the ability to connect it with part of exotic armor makes it decently strong. Ace of Spades is a powerful choice in Crucible matches.

one-eyed mask-exotic helmet of titanium

This titanium exotic helmet illuminates the enemies that cause you damage and also will reward you with solidness if you kill them . This helmet is optimized for PVP, but is practically useless in PVE. This is the closest to Knucklehead Radar, which can get the titans. This part of the armor is ideal for aggressive players who like to track off other players. He is deadly in the matches of the crucible, as well as in the tests of Osiris and the Iron Banner.

Eye of another world-an exotic helmet of the warlock

Eye of another world is an exotic helmet of the warlock, distinguishes priority goals and also increases the rate of regeneration of grenade, close combat and fault . This helmet also increases the effectiveness of all weapons in the air. This is the equivalent of Foetracer for warlocks, and it is aimed at finding enemies. The eye of another world is optimized for PVP, but ineffective in PVE. This is a great alternative to warlocks who admire the capabilities of Knucklehead Radar.

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