Thanks to social networks, it is very easy to contact any company directly and, hopefully, have an answer. Since 2010, PlayStation Ask has done this for users of these consoles. However, this will change next month, since personal communication with the brand will come to an end in August.

Through his official Twitter account, it was revealed that PlayStation Ask will stop answering personal questions and directly from next August 1 . After this day, every time you have a doubt for that account, you will be sent a link to a frequently asked questions site, as well as a YouTube channel where you may find the solution to your dilemma.

As of August 1, the PlayStation 1 to 1 support through Twitter will no longer be available. To connect with the PlayStation support, visit

For support articles and self-help resources, visit

For support videos, visit

Although there are several channels where you can find an answer to your dilemma, there is also the possibility that you call the company to have information on the repair of your console. All you need to do is mark 01 800-759-7669 if you are in Mexico.

In related issues, the demand against the PlayStation Store is denied. Similarly, the purchase of bungie by PlayStation is specified.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a true pity. Unlike other companies, PlayStation did have a quite simple way to communicate directly with the company to have a solution to all your problems.