American designers and programmers such as Doom , Doom II , quake , Wolfenstein 3D , or the United States known as a co-founder of ID Software. Game developer John Romero announced on July 19 that it is recruiting developers at Romero Games for the new FPS.


Developing a completely new FPS!

This new work is currently being developed with the cooperation of famous publishers, an original and completely new work. It has emphasized that the recruitment of human resources has been dealing with Unreal Engine 5 in Epic Games, suggesting that it will be developed using the engine.

Romero Games another work developed

Romero Games, which was established by John Romero with his wife Brenda, released the unofficial latest episode Sigil in 2019 in 2019 for free. At the 3D Realms event in 2021, it announced that it is working on the development of Sigil 2 , an unofficial latest episode of DOOM II. In March 2022, one of the ONE HUMANITY maps were released to support Ukraine. The release date of Sigil 2 is still unpublished.