On July 14, the domestic doujin game brand, Cynical Honey, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the sequel to the ending bells . This work will be released for PCs such as Steam. It is a total of three parts, and Chapter.1 is currently available for free for a limited time.

Before the end bell rings is a youth group drama novel ADV under development by Cynical Honey. Ryohei Hasebe, the protagonist of this work, is a male student in high school second year. At the end of the summer vacation, Hasebe protected his child and was in a traffic accident and was hospitalized in the hospital. Even if you say hospitalization, the period is about a few days. Hasebe himself was fine, and he was hitting the light mouth with the opponent who came to visit.

However, one day, a strange girl who claims to be the Reaper appears in the hospital room in Hasebe. A girl named Moto reveals that Hasebe had originally died in a traffic accident and that the victim of the traffic accident was originally someone else. She also presented her to be happy by the following year, as a result of her revival. Hasebe will struggle to make Yukino Kanno, a classmate girl who has come to visit on behalf of the class. The story is depicted that you can find the answer to wishing someone’s happiness from the heart.

In Chapter.1, which is being released, it was discovered that Yukino Kanno had a crush on Hasebe’s best friend, Hasebe, Hasebe. Hasebe becomes a consultant with Yukino Kanno and looks for hints of happiness through her daily life. While being chased by the date of the Reaper, the unrequited characters and friendship based on the triangular relationship will be developed. In this work, the UI of the screen has a sense of unity, and the standing picture of the character is beautifully expressed. One of the characteristics of the main characters other than the protagonist corresponds to full voices and the theme song and OP are also prepared.

Cynical Honey, which is developing this work, is a domestic circle by G-Zass. He is a graphic designer and creative director in his main business, but also works on animation and games. As a Cynical Honey, Before the end bell rings is equivalent to a virgin work. Before the end bell rings, it is based on a web novel by Kangzaki, and Chapter.1 could be re-edited and rewritten more than 80 %.

The crowdfunding campaign is raised for production funds after Chapter.2. Chapter2 has a scenario with more than 400,000 characters, and it is difficult to improve its quality alone, so we have a crowdfunding campaign. The target amount is 400,000 yen, and the collected funds are mainly expenses such as illustrations/animations/voices. With the support of 1500 yen or more, a digital version (scheduled for Steam key) is available as a chapter.1 and chapter.2 being currently being distributed.

Before the end bell rings, the crowdfunding of Chapter2 has been on the same side today on July 14th. In addition, Before the end bell rings Chapter.1 is open for free for the release of Chapter.2 in 2023. Currently it can be downloaded from the official website and BOOTH, and you can also play from the browser in the novel game collection. The theme song bundled version is sold for 500 yen for BOOTH and 660 yen for DLSite.