Numerous fans of one of the most popular Isecaevs entitled Konosuba: peace the clear world will bless this! They showed the teaser spin-off Giving this durable world by explosions!, Also known as Bakuen.


The new anime was also based on Ranobe, and this time the main character is the sorceress Megumin, so get ready for a wide assortment of Ba-Bakhov. Konosuba remained in the hands of the previous team, only the team is now working on the basis of Drive (Love of Vlady, Uzumaki) instead of Studio Deen or J.C.Staff.

The main series will also be continued in the form of the third season, but the printed original will debut in Russian until the end of summer.

The start date of the Konosuba: Giving this cleverse world by explosions!, Including Crunchyroll, has not yet been determined.