The Serie B Organization confirmed the commitment of the 33-year-old Austrian, that signed a two-year contract with the delegated team. The club desires the instant return and I want to assist this traditional club play effective football in Serie An once more, claimed the midfielder in a message of his administration.

Ilsanker’s agreement at the Europa League winner Frankfurt headed out. The national gamer had played for RB Leipzig for 4 and a half years before both and also a half periods in Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. With his experience, Ilsanker is to end up being a management number in the young group from the seaside city in the northern Italian region of Liguria.

Both Germans were in Leipzig as Ilsanker at the exact same time: From completion of 2015 to early 2018, Spurs was primary scout in Saxony, and also back then, Blessin trained the RB children.


In the long run, the excellent conversations with coach Alexander Blessin and also Ilsankers supervisor Johannes Spors made the decisive factor for Genoa, said Ilsanker.

Stefan Ilsanker adjustments from Europa-League winner Eintracht Frankfurt to the CFC Genoa to the 2nd Italian organization.