Koulibaly is an undeniable regular gamer in Naples, not surprisingly, the southern Italians additionally showed passion in an expansion of the contract. An initial deal of strongly lowered covers (3.5 million euros), nonetheless, leaned the Senegalese in a top-up one to 6 million euros. As it is now claimed from Italian media reports, its pain limit at 5 million euros plus bonus offer repayments must be the exact same that would be a cut of over 16 percent.


If there can be a contract in between Koulibaly and Napoli, it would certainly be a clear sign. A sign versus the call of the great money, which he would likely gather in Spain or PSG, and also an indication of the location with the club that is close to his heart; On top of that, the captain’s bandage in Naples would probably additionally wave because Lorenzo Insigne said bye-bye towards MLS.

With solid achievements in Serie A, Koulibaly, that has a working paper valid at Napoli, has a working paper that is still valid by 2023, as well as the rate of interest of several of a top European club and Barcelona were connected with it. The central defender does not strive for an adjustment, instead the 30-year-old must even be able to envision a career end in Naples. He has been roaming the SSC jacket for eight years currently and wish to remain to do so, yet he should even be ready for a waiver of income.