On June 11, 2022 he arrived at the Store of PlayStation The new celebration pack of PlayStation Plus , belonging to the seFortnite Seasonon 3 of Fortnite Chapter 3. This free package includes new cosmetic objects for Fortnite . Then we tell you How to download it for free :

How to get the PlayStation Plus celebration pack for Fortnite SeFortnite Seasonon 3

The PlayStation Plus celebration pack of June 2022 includes all the following:

* Skin Bombardera Ventisca

* Backpack accessory mountaineering articles

In order to obtain the PlayStation Plus celebration pack launched in June 2022, we must meet the following requirements :

* Have a PlayStation Network account (here we tell you how to create a new one)

Have a video console PS4 or PS5 with Fortnite Battle Royale downloaded and updated to your latest version.
Be subscribed to PlayStation Plus (Here we tell you how this subscription works)

Once we meet all these requirements, we tell you How to download this Fortnite Pack . What we will have to do will be Entering the PlayStation Store from our PS4 or PS5 console. Here, In the Search Fortnite . On the screen we must get the related results:

Among the first results Fortnite: PlayStation Plus celebration pack. If not, we look among all the results. We enter inside, and click Download / Free **.

Another option is to buy the pack from the web , on its page. Anyway, we will have to log in later in Fortnite in our PS4 or PS5 console.

How to access the PS Plus of Fortnite celebration once downloaded?

When we have downloaded this free content package using any of the two methods that we leave you up, we just have to log in to Fortnite in the same PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console in which we have downloaded the pack **. Once we enter the game, we can see these gift objects.

Best of all, These objects are not exclusive to PS4 or PS5 ; Once we have them in our Fortnite account, we can use them on any other platform without problems. The only restriction that is about it is that we need a PS4 or PS5 to download them .

Once we have them in possession, ** These objects will be our forever.

This is a promotion of Fortnite seFortnite Seasonon 3 Chapter 3. In our Fortnite guide we tell you everything about the new seFortnite Seasonon, including where all the characters are or how to improve weapons.