There is a widespread passion among League of Legends players for the skins that Riot Games creates for MOBA champions. There are Prestige, Ultimate, and Mega Rare skins, among others, which happens with Valorant, the developer’s FPS, but differently since the skins are exclusive to weapons and not agents. With that in mind, artist Kyullama created the Porcelain skin, a line of visuals that already exists in LoL, for the character Viper.

What if Valorant had skins for agents?
According to Kyullama, if Valorant had skins, Viper Porcelain would be adored by the game’s fan community.

In the illustration created by her, Viper no longer uses her usual shade of neon green, which gives way to the characteristic blue of Porcelana skins in LoL, which was created in 2022. The agent’s costume gained excellent porcelain parts, and behind her, it is possible to see the spirit of a snake, an animal linked to the character.

In addition to all this, there is also a change in the agent’s hair, which has gained a different hairstyle than usual. Would you buy the Porcelain Viper if it were available on Valorant? Tell us in the comments.

Why doesn’t Valorant have skins for agents?
In 2020, Dexter Yu, Senior Producer of Valorant, talked about the possibility of the FPS getting skins for its agents.

According to him, at the time, it was still not possible to develop visuals like those of LoL for the game because the developer team was worried about the possibility of skins having a negative impact not only on development but also on the players’ gameplay.

Yu explained that skins could change agents’ hitbox, which would increase players’ difficulty in specific plays. Still, Riot has said in the past that as players get used to the game, this idea could be re-planned.