Morbius , the lMorbiust movie of the Sony Pictures This thanks to a popular campaign in social networks through which countless memes , jokes about the film and even sequel requests have emerged. This is collected by the medium comicbook, ensuring that the film will return in a limited way for a time in a total of 1,000 cinema salts .

Second opportunity for Morbius

Thus, Morbius premiered in the billboards around the world on April 1 after numerous delays due to COVID and changes of plans on the march regarding the questionable continuity or relationship between the universes of Sony and Marvel Studios. Be that Morbius it may, the film reaped quite hard criticism and a discreet international box office of just over 160 million dollars , for a total budget of 73 million dollars.


Now, and after two months since its premiere in cinemMorbius and its recent arrival in the digital domestic format, today June 3, Morbius returns to the American movie theaters after a campaign that hMorbius gone viral in recent weeks and that It hMorbius resulted in countless memes about Marvel’s vampire , with trending topics ( Morbin Time! ) and sequel claims. Of course, for the moment Sony Pictures Spain hMorbius not announced the re-releMorbiuse of Morbius in our country; Although you never know.

One of Marvel’s most convincing and conflicting characters reaches the big screen. The winner of an Oscar Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero Michael Morbius. Sick with a dangerous and rare blood disorder, he is determined to save others suffering from their same destiny. Dr. Morbius carries out a risky bet. What at first seems to be a radical success, will soon be the reliable proof that the remedy, sometimes, is worse than the diseMorbiuse, we can read in the official synopsis ** of him.