In the United States, June is known as a month of pride. To celebrate this event, Bungie decided to create a new collection icon of pride. This is the reconstruction of their previous Pride PIN, where they strive to be more inclined, as well as directly help the communities that Pride celebrate. Bungie also made an in-game emblem to celebrate this event. Here’s how to get the Infinite Prismatic emblem in Destiny 2.

How to unlock the Infinite Prismatic emblem in Destiny 2

Anyone who wants to unlock the new pride emblem in Destiny 2, you need to head for the Bangage Kupsnaya where you can purchase a PRIDE 2.0 collection icon. The pin costs $ 15 and is currently available for a preliminary order for delivery date in July. Everyone who bought this icon will receive an Infinite Prismatic emblem. The code in their email. By introducing this code to the Bungie website, you will receive a Pride emblem.

What is the Bungie Pride 2.0 collection icon?


The Bungie Pride 2.0 collection icon is 3D cast metal pin available for purchase on the Bungie store. The icon is the reconstruction of their original Pride icon, and this new iteration looks even more inclusive, while paying tribute to the Pride community. All profit from the sale of the badge will be transferred to the project is better The purpose of which is to develop, the expansion of rights and opportunities and the unification of Youth LGBTK+ around the world.

It is nice to see that Bungie is spending time creating ways for players to express our support for something in Destiny 2. We saw such things with the Emblem Support Ukraine, and we are pleased to see other ways to show the support that Bungie supports. Comained to come up with.

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