Jursocial networkssic World: Dominion continues to monopolize social networks. Universal collaborates with the Nowthis website, popular for its current clips around the world, to participate in the film. Through their reporter they will share the life of dinosaurs among humans throughout the footage. Next to the news shares a small fragment social networks an example that you can find in the head of this news.

Microphone in hand, Gemma Zhao will share the most relevant sightings along the globe. In fact, Collider shares that her participation in this delivery settles the background of history from the first episode of Jursocial networkssic Park. The spectators will know the events that have led the dinosaurs to Campar at esocial networkse after the cloud dissocial networkster and what preceded him.

Dinotracker, your trusted dinosaurs tracker

The action next to Nowthis is linked to a curious website on the occsocial networksion of its premiere. Dinotracker allows you to know in real time the location of dinosaurs sighted in real cities. The page is supported by a fictional organism, the Department of Prehistoric Fauna (DFP). These are aimed at publishing updated reports on encounters with dinosaurs and facilitate the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs on our planet.

Formed in 2019, the DFP works with scientists, conservationists and peppering paleoveterinals from around the world to guarantee the protection of our human and prehistoric population, they explain. You can access in this link.


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