John Madden will certainly not only be the cover celebrity on three various covers for Madden NFL 23, he will be part of the video game once again after a few years of break-as an instructor and also as an analyst.

The football legend John Madden, who passed away last December, will enhance the cover of the NFL video clip game Madden NFL 23 named after him. This was revealed by the game producer EA Sports on Wednesday.

For the very first time in greater than 20 years, Madden will certainly be on the cover of Madden once again. Most just recently, the name of the such successful computer game series was on the cover of Madden 2000.

We were half with our last video game cycle and it was simply a shock for our team to shed such an essential number. Not only for our team or franchise, but also for sporting activity overall. As well as it just made a great deal of sense, Coach Madden in bestow the fact that we bring him back on the cover of the video game that births his name. That was a really easy decision this year, discussed Mchardy.

A decision that had actually expressly made to the growth team, such as Aaron Mchardy, the Exec Gameplay Manufacturer from EA Sports Madden NFL 23 in an exclusive conversation with Madden : We typically take care of the emerging talent or a fan favored as a cover Star, however of training course we had the fatality of train John Madden this year.

Madden NFL 23: Three different covers

Mchardy emphasized: We just did our best to bring him back to life in this video game.

We presumed that we obtained a few of the real items of clothes that trainer Madden put on at the time. As an example, he had distinct Turf footwear from Adidas, which we reached check them as well as illustrate 100 percent authentically in the game. We even checked his Super Bowl ring. And the attire that he wore at the time.

Madden can also be discovered 3 times in the video game. Madden NFL 23 begins with a special video game in between 2 all Madden groups as well as Madden, also as a train from two different factors of his coaching career on the side lines.


The video game is additionally played in the Oakland Coliseum of the 1970s, its previous home with the Raiders.

A cover for Madden 23 shows John Madden from his time as an instructor of the Oakland Raiders, one more as a TV professional. Furthermore, the musician Chuck Styles based in Philly created its very own cover for the digital Madden NFL 23 All Madden Version.

Madden Forever! All cover of the renowned video game

Madden NFL 23: John Madden returns triple

We were half through our last video game cycle and also it was just a shock for our group to lose such an important number. And also it just made a whole lot of sense, Train Madden in honor with the truth that we bring him back on the cover of the game that bears his name. We went so much that we got some of the real items of clothes that coach Madden used at the time. The very first version of John Madden Football originally appeared on June 1, 1988. In honor of Madden, in addition to the cover of Madden 23, a restored football area in the EA Hauptquartier in Redwood Shores/CA in a ceremony with the CEO of EA, household participants of the Madden-Family and also other visitors renamed John Madden Area.

Additional details on Madden 23 such as the release day and brand-new functions will certainly be introduced later on.

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Madden also talks about the video game as a specialist, which is understood by electronically remastered audio clips from his TV career.

In addition, EA selected June 1st for the #Maddenday. The first variation of John Madden Football originally showed up on June 1, 1988. In honor of Madden, in addition to the cover of Madden 23, a refurbished football field in the EA Hauptquartier in Redwood Shores/CA in an event with the CEO of EA, member of the family of the Madden-Family and various other visitors relabelled John Madden Area.