The truth is that the idea of ​​Multiversus is not new. When we see it and play it, the forerunner of this fighting game comes to mind, such as the Smash Bros. saga. Many ‘clones’ have come out, some quite successful, such as Brawlhalla. But the game we will talk about has a clear incentive that Nintendo also takes advantage of collecting an amalgam of characters from the Warner Bros. factory. It is always more attractive to bring together familiar faces beating each other, especially if it leads to fights as surreal as Superman versus Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. And, on top of that, he can win the yellow pup for the most powerful superhero in history.

From this moment, the closed alpha of Multiversus is available so that some lucky people can try it. We have had early access, and we have already been giving this crazy proposal for a few days that, despite, as we say, it seems familiar to us, has a lot to contribute. And so that more people get closer to this blessed madness, we remember that it is a free-to-play game so that everyone can try it. Then, what dazzles or not is already in each one, and patience when unlocking characters.

The first thing the game invites us to do as soon as we start is to enter the Tutorial. And it is highly recommended to understand the basics since this type of fighting game has particular patterns and mechanics based on percentages and kicking opponents off the stage, which the Warner universe Bros also inspire.

Yes, most of us end up playing by hitting buttons, but it never hurts to learn. Because then, each character has their abilities that fit into the light-hearted tone of the adventure. There are some classic moves, like Harley Quinn’s hammer blows. But also other more surreal and fun ones, like Shaggy hitting us with sandwiches.

A roster of characters for whom you will have to have patience
Of course, a free-to-play game requires an investment, mainly time, to encourage us to have constant progress and play a few games every day. This also happens in Multiversus, and, as you may have imagined, not all fighters are available from the beginning.

In the beginning, at least in this alpha version, we can choose Shaggy, Fin, Taz, Wonder Woman, Jake, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Velma, and Parreno, a particular character created for the occasion. As we progress, we will be able to have Batman, Superman, Arya Stark, Steven Universe, and Garnet at our disposal. To unlock them all, we will have to earn coins, which we will obtain by winning fights or performing the various tasks that the game puts us on the menu, which can initially be as cheap as accepting a rematch in a game or simply giving it a shot. Look at the settings.

The more we use a specific character, the more options we will have since they will increase their level. In this way, we will get new skills that will allow us to make special attacks and, in many cases, more powerful. So, specialization in a specific fighter can come into play here, something that can be interesting if, in the end, the title catches on and you can make a dent in the world of esports. Each of them belongs to a class – Support, Tank, Thug, Mage, etc. It is not unreasonable that it has been designed with that background objective.

And it seems to be correct that they have chosen a development like this, with room for those who want to play a few games with characters of all kinds, but also for those who wish to specialize in a fighter and class and progress. Surely over time, we will see games of a reasonable level. The improvement in these first hours has seemed slower than I expected in terms of rewards. But neither have I felt the need to pay to have Batman ahead of time. Unlocking characters requires 2000 coins, and they can be taken out in a couple of hours or three without too much hassle.

Also, we have two different Battle Passes. One free and another Premium that, being paid, has juicier rewards. We can obtain new objects, experiences, coins, or banners to personalize our knowledge of them. They’re just cosmetic distinctions, but it’s always lovely to be more relaxed than the rest. A classic in this type of proposal is essential if we can put on a “this is all friends” visual effect when sending an enemy ‘to the street’ or the Batman logo as a profile image.

Many game modes
It is not usual for a free-to-play game to come with too many game modes at its inception, which is a strong point in Multiverses. We can play 1vs1, by teams, cooperatively against the AI ​​, and in the TCT mode, which is crazy with battles of four players per group, unleashing chaos on the stage.

Options for all types of players that answer the question “can I play Multiversus alone?”. Of course, since there are modes against the machine and online against other players. Also, if you get together with someone on the couch, you can have some casual games against bots, which can also be a good incentive to have a fun time.

With nuances, Multiversus has left me with excellent feelings, although it is true that I am not entirely objective in anything in which Batman is in the middle. Beyond that, I think it has modest progress -at least for now- and a combat system that, although it does not invent the wheel, is concerned with the charisma of its characters to dazzle us. Obviously, in this type of game, the community’s support is vital, so this closed beta and an open beta that will arrive in the summer will be essential.