League of Legends has suffered a news drought throughout the first half of Season 12. However, Bel’Veth will arrive soon as a new champion to stir up the hornet’s nest a bit. An extremely complex character from the void that will mark the return of the monstrous heroes to the title after several years of absence. The surprise promised to be capitalized. However, the leaks have given us almost everything we needed to know about the champion. However, it is hardly easy to remember everything that has been said about it, and for this reason, we are going to compile it so that it is well organized.

Bel’Veth’s confirmed name and appearance in-game
An obvious question that players can ask themselves is why we are so sure what the new champion’s name will be. Riot Games indeed keeps the top-secret about her. However, the leaks about this champion are overwhelming. Far from being something a leaker has heard or someone has confirmed word of mouth, there is a video showing the name and the character’s appearance when she finally arrives on Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends does not receive a monster. Its design is exceptional for many players. The last Void Champion introduced by Riot Games was Rek’Sai (2014). A drought that was also accompanied by an evident lack of monsters. Very few characters that have arrived in recent years have departed from humanoid designs, with Yuumi (2019) and Ornn (2017) being the latest heroes to join the game in a form far removed from the human. Even considering them, both are quite apart from what the community expected.

Are Bel’Veth’s leaked abilities reliable?
Bel’Veth ‘s abilities were also the subject of a leak. In this case, the source was more questionable, as the data came from an anonymous user in the community. However, everything seems to indicate that they are indeed real. The information has been supported by the leakers who revealed his design and tend to anticipate Riot Games when predicting the following skins or events. In this sense, we will review the effects of all his spells with you.

Passive – Death in Lavender
Enemies drop “something” when they die. Bel’Veth collects it to gain his passive stacks and create a hive that grows on achieving charges.
The champion gains additional damage against towers and monsters with these charges. She also gets a lifestyle against the jungle.

Q – Void Surge
Passive: Four diagonal arrows surround Bel’Veth.
Active: Bel’Veth dashes around dealing damage and slowing enemies. He typically goes on cooldown if it didn’t go in the arrows’ order. If the energy was in the direction of one of the arrows and hit a champion or giant monster, the cooldown is reset. In case of being in the direction of the arrows but against a minor rival, 40% of the CD is returned.
Powered Active: Applies its passive on enemies (Death in Lavender)

W – Up and Down
Similar to Rek’Sai Tunnel
Bel’Veth dashes underground for a short time, gaining additional speed and being able to pass through walls. At the end of the ability, he reappears, knocking down opponents in the area of ​​effect.
Empowered Active: During the ability, he becomes untargetable (cannot be hit) and stuns enemies after the knockdown.

E – Maelstrom Real
Similar to Galio’s old ultimate
Bel’Veth immobilizes herself and channels a vortex of energy, pulling enemies towards her. While the effect lasts, she damages enemies every second. She takes a reduced percentage of damage and reflects a portion of what she has taken (similar to Thornmail).
Active Empowered: Does a percentage of actual damage every second. The damage reduction is more significant and creates an explosion at the end of the ability.

R – Infinite Banquet
Active: Unleash Bel’Veth’s proper form. The champion gains bonus health, attack damage, magic resistance, and armor in this state. Additionally, picking up a charge from the passive heals him for a percentage of his health and creates a swarm that attacks nearby enemies. This swarm fades after a short time but can be reset by killing a champion.
For the duration of the ability, all casts of his other abilities are empowered.

Bel’Veth release date
The big mystery about Bel’Veth is when it will arrive on Summoner’s Rift. According to leaks, the champion was scheduled for a few patches ago. However, Riot Games would have delayed it for unknown reasons. We know that she will not arrive in patch 12.10 because otherwise, she would have to be available on PBE already. The problem in determining its release date is related to the significant changes announced by Riot Games to the gameplay mechanics in the next version, which will be one of the most critical patches in the game’s history if we do not take into account the preseason ones.

This situation is practically unique in the history of League of Legends and makes it impossible to carry out any predictions. The developers may only decide to make the announcement when they have finished with the balance changes that will arrive after patch 12.10. Perhaps in the most favorable scenarios, the character could come in patch 12.11 (June 8) or 12.12 (June 23), but we would not be surprised if it had to be delayed a little longer. In the worst case, we do not expect it to go beyond 12.13 (July 13) since otherwise, it seems impossible that they can meet the rest of the new champions and reworks for the second half of the year.

Bel’Veth’s relationship with the past of League of Legends
Bel’Veth has a few details that link her to Riot Games’ past. The shape of the champion corresponds to a silhouette that has appeared in different elements since the last year 2014. She was first shown in the Viktor Creator cosmetic and Urgot and Vel’Koz War Machine’s splash arts. As the champion has not yet been confirmed, the developers have not spoken about it, although the community is impatiently waiting for an official clarification.

Additionally, Riot Games has always wanted to make a champion that was somehow related to a swarm. An idea that could have given rise to the creation of the passive and some of Bel’Veth’s abilities, in which he will have insects or animals from the void to help him in the fight, is constantly mentioned. The developer made public her intention to create something like this when the official League of Legends forums still existed.