In the 14th minute of the game, Stützle remained briefly on the gang after a check by Frenchman Thomas Thiry because he probably twisted his knee a bit during the campaign. The 20-year-old then limped into the cabin accompanied by a supervisor and no longer returned to the player bank at the beginning of the second third.

According to the DEB report, there was initially no more detailed diagnosis of the severity of the injury. “It is of course bitter when you lose a player so early. We have important games now. Let’s hope that everything is okay,” said national coach Toni Söderholm.

Gawanke and Reichel now available

Regardless of supporting further tournament participation, national coach Toni Söderholm may welcome Center Lukas Reichel and defender Leon Gawanke in Helsinki in the coming days. A decision on your nomination is expected for Tuesday.

“You have your final meetings today or tomorrow and then we are in exchange of how quickly we could get them,” said Söderholm.

DEB-Team erkämpft zweiten Sieg - Bangen um Stützle | SID

Both North America professionals with their AHL teams had left the play-offs at the weekend.