It looked like a perfect tournament day for Florida Mayhem. The encounter against Paris Eternal was balanced, after two cards it was 1: 1. Thanks to an unusual strategy, the international selection clearly won the third round and was now in front.

@Paris Eternal vs @Florida Mayhem | Opening Weekend Week 1 Day 4

But the official tournament managers ordered a repetition of the round because Mayhem is said to have broken a rule with her strategy. This decision led to irritation in the team. They were also able to win the aftermath and thus decide the duel 3-1, but the decision remained opaque from the perspective of Mayhem.

confusion about spongy rules

The corresponding game was played on the newly integrated “Circuit Royal” card. Florida Mayhem players use special skills of the characters Mia and Symmetra to climb on a building. However, this should not actually be possible. With the overview, they had an easy game against the competitors of Paris Eternal, around the German support Emir ‘Kaan’ Okumus.

The game was rated by the officials as a reduced offense. According to regulations, “the exploitation of known errors is not allowed.” This guiding principle also includes “unknown exploits”. The decision was caused by the Florida Mayhem those affected.

“We really didn’t know that it was an exploit,” said head coach Jordan ‘Gunba’ Graham on Twitter. He criticized the regulations: “I think that this rule is very vague.”

Overwatch 2 is currently in the beta phase. Esporters not only have to memorize new cards and modes, but also get used to constant balance and meta changes. The violation of the standard could therefore not remain an isolated case.

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