To promote docorter Strange in multi -sized madness released on May 6, 2022, the studio gamers and Marvel united to transfer Dr. Strange to the Roblox metavselnaya. Only during a limited time, Dr. Strange fans can find it hiding inside the Tower of Suffering Test and earn an exclusive intra -game object, a cloak of levitation, completing your garbage hunt. A brief overview of how to earn this item, read below.

Obtaining a levitation cloak

To earn a cloak of levitation, you need to wait until the obstacle course of the tower of suffering will turn into the topic of Dr. Strange. Check the event board located next to the staircase of the course to find out how long it will take before this transformation happens.

As soon as the Multiversed Madness course is active, Dr. Strandja should appear next to the board. To earn a cloak of levitation, you need to talk as soon as possible with Dr. Strande and start his hunt for garbage. As soon as the tower timer reaches zero, Dr. Strange will disappear, and your progress in the hunt for garbage will be dropped.

To complete the hunt for garbage, you need to collect a set of six items. These objects will be scattered through the obstacle strip, both high and low, and will have a gold aura around them, signaling you about the need to collect them.

After you have completed the hunt for garbage, click Red Demand button above the list of objects.

I got the doctor strange Cloak of levitation in Roblox Tower Of Misery
This will reward you with a cloak of levitation and automatically put it on your avatar.

Keep in mind that this is only a in -game object similar to the perk and that it cannot be worn outside the tower of suffering!

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