Liverpool had not admitted a single shot on the goal last Wednesday when the Reds could have beat FC Villarreal in the semi-final first leg of the Champions League. All in all, however, this sounds very promising – but not promising enough for Jürgen Klopp to already plan with the final.

Jurgen Klopp says he will not underestimate 'world-class' Unai Emery in Champions League semi-final

“If I were even younger, I would have been very angry with this question,” laughed the 54-year-old from such a hook at the beginning of his matchday PK in time before he noticed a little later that his now much more experienced team could not rely on this routine al1. “You can still be experienced – if you are too old to play this game, that’s not good,” said Klopp.

great praise for Thiago

Nobody is too old at Liverpool FC, on the contrary. Above all, midfielder Thiago (31) has presented himself in Gala form in the past few weeks, which brought his coach to the Spaniard – after the demand of a Spanish journalist: “In the form he has, he would be for everyone Play and shine team in the world. Also for the Spanish national team. “

Even the physical form of his first 14, 15 players did not emphasize for the first time, which he meant the fitness state of the Premier League second. “The knowledge helps us that this is better than in all the past few years” – in which the Reds have already come on the gums in the season finale.

According to Klopp, it has recently been reflected in this highly concentrated performance against Villarreal, from which the LFC coach raved repeatedly. But to then warn that the second leg in Spain will be a completely different game: “Everything we are will be needed tomorrow (9 p.m., live! At single shot). They will play more football than we will play it in the first leg have allowed “, prophesied Klopp – like a rather unusual approach of his team:” We will definitely have to withdraw and suffer in moments. And then answer. “