Alexander Wehrle is the first chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Fußball-Bund GmbH and Co. KG. At the presidium meeting on Friday, the 47-year-old was unanimously appointed to the top of the committee for two years.

Neuer Vorstandschef: Das hat Alexander Wehrle mit dem VfB Stuttgart vor

“I am very grateful for the trust of Bernd Neuendorf, Hans-Joachim Watzke and the state associations,” said VfB Stuttgart, CEO. “A close network between the base and top, the interaction of amateur sectors and professionals and thus a joint professionalization are essential for the success of German football.”

In addition to the chairman and three other external members, the supervisory board includes those members of the DFB Presidium who are not already represented on the legal board of the DFB and thus the general meeting of the GmbH & Co. KG.

As a 100 percent subsidiary of the German Football Association, the company bundles the economic activities and digital business areas. It includes marketing, sales and events, national teams and academy, game operations and finance as well as IT and digital.

Lorenz new anti-corruption officer of the DFB

Meanwhile, Hans E. Lorenz is the new anti-corruption officer of the German Football Association. The long-time chairman of the DFB DFB Presidiums court (2007 to 2022) was appointed successor to Herbert Rösch.

The 71-year-old was chairman of a large criminal chamber at the Mainz district court from 1995 to 2016. Lorenz has been active in DFB Presidiums jurisdiction on a voluntary basis since 1984. The position of the anti-corruption officer was vacant after the DFB Bundestag in March.