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Tactical RPGs Iron Oath Review Insider Tip in Early Access

We tried The Iron Oath in Early Access, formed a band of mercenaries with many strengths and weaknesses, experienced the beginning of a dark, well-written story, and fought with bandits and spooky monsters.

In the game, you accept commissions for noble houses, send your troops into dungeons and battlefields, loot treasures, defeat wacky creatures and take care of injuries when the work is done. If you do well, your reputation will improve. You will gradually receive better contracts with more significant challenges, gain access to various upgrades for your company and get better prices on the marketplace.

All of this is presented with excellent pixel art and a great soundtrack, has perfect lyrics, but no voice output or cutscenes. In addition, the part currently only exists in English. The game still offers a very manageable amount of content, and the existing story part can be played through in an extended afternoon. But what is available already gives hope for a real genre highlight.

It suits you if
You like dark fantasy.
You want to experiment with group combinations.
You like challenging games with severe consequences.

It doesn’t suit you if
You think pixel art is stupid.
You want big battles.
Random elements annoy you.

The story: Not original but exciting
The Iron Oath is set in a medieval world infested with monsters. The villages and towns are looking for mercenaries who will find missing family members and smoke out monster lairs. Your job is to hire these mercenaries, pay them, lead them in combat and through dungeons, and equip and heal them.

You are also on the lookout for a gang of traitors who will play you badly at the beginning of the game. It is not original, but it is very well written and engagingly told. You hire mercenaries in taverns. Their class and properties depend on chance.

There are currently six character classes, ranging from more apparent units like the lightning-wielding Stormcaller and bow-wielding Huntress to the brawling Pugilist and the Pyrolancer, a cross between a fire mage and a lance-wielding tank.

In addition, your warriors have positive and negative character traits. When making decisions, a careless pugilist hits it more challenging and takes more damage, and stubborn mercenaries want to enforce their will when making decisions, and so on. Maybe your Huntress is deceptive and then likes to fib in dialogue options.

Names and appearance are also randomly generated, but you can change and adapt them freely by hand, unlike the class and character traits. Initially, you can hire up to eight mercenaries if you have the financial means, and your roster can be expanded with upgrades. The maximum group size for dungeons and fights is limited to four characters. Adventures and battles with more characters could follow later but are not yet planned.

The fights: tactically shallow but fun
Combat isn’t complex yet, with melee fighters surrounding dangerous units and trying to lock them in, dishing out attacks of opportunity if an opponent tries to flee. Positioning is critical, and each class has some interesting abilities. Ranged fighters set traps and use cover to attack from afar while minimizing damage.

A Guardian can heal allies and equip themselves and companions with protective shields, a Valkyrie teleports weak-chested heroes out of harm’s way, and the Stormcaller can cast an overwhelming lightning bolt that perfectly grills most enemies in one hit but takes some time to channel.

You can power up these abilities by leveling them up by giving them more potency, range, or additional charges—because you can only use them a limited number of times and then have to rest to gain access to them again. Your adventures usually occur in dungeons with limited supplies, and setting up camp often attracts enemies.

It’s friendly and atmospheric but costs you experienced fighters. In addition, before you take a break, you have to choose whether you want to regenerate your skills or rather your life points, for example. If you run out of healing potions on the way and you run into an ambush, mercenaries sometimes give up the spoon permanently. Successful, long-lived mercenaries may not fall in combat, but they age over time, reducing attributes like maximum health. If you lead a happy and long life, you will eventually retire.

The scope: still little campaign, but a lot of sandboxes
Especially in dungeons, you make many decisions: Do you help a wounded adventurer, or do you flatten and loot his corpse? He who dawdles suffers! The loyalty and morale of your mercenaries will rise and fall depending on your actions. As the playing time in a dungeon progresses, you collect adverse effects such as more dangerous traps or a greater risk of surprise attacks.

In the game, you deal with death, injuries, long recovery times, age, pay, and repairs because The Iron Oath is not only a turn-based strategy game and a dungeon crawler but also requires some management.

It’s not easy, but at least the level of difficulty is very flexible and customizable, from sliders for experience points in combat to regeneration times for wounds to the amount of gold you start the game with. You can adapt many details and rules to your taste.

You don’t get an awful lot for the 20 euros you have to shell out for early access. After a few hours of the story, there are sandbox-like random tasks. After 15 hours, you’ve seen each of them. A roadmap in the game shows you when new classes, content, and features are coming.

This is beautifully transparent. The announced updates look realistic and not exaggerated. Above all, what is already inside is good. However, if you haven’t fallen in love with the game at first sight, you should watch it and wait for the following few content updates to appear.

You met your hero from Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and didn’t realize it

After successfully repelling evil, most role-playing heroes from The Elder Scrolls experience mysterious fates: while the protagonist in Daggerfall is either completely wiped out or never seen again, the Nerevarine from Morrowind has been missing since he left for Akavir. And in Oblivion? If the Dragonborn from Skyrim doesn’t top that – we’ll probably only find out in Elder Scrolls 6 – hero number 4 is the (lucky?) winner of this strange ranking.

Together with Skyrim expert Ardko, we explored what became of our old character and why she had to sacrifice herself to save the world. But if we’re honest: The new entry is probably the coolest in the whole TES series.

The prince of madness and his dark secret
As a reminder, in the final Oblivion DLC, Shivering Isles, we fought a god of crystal, Jyggalag. This final battle will decide the future of the Shivering Isles, a realm deep in Oblivion divided between happiness and sorrow, to which we have been called to aid.

After a final blow, the god falls to the ground. Enough, I’ve been defeated. The gray march is over!’ exclaims Jyggalag. You have completed the cycle. Now you wear the cloak of madness. It’s over. I will go, and you will stay, mortal. Mortal? King? God? That is unclear. This kingdom is yours!. What he means by that will only be revealed after a long time.

Skyrim, Two Hundred Years Later: Entering an abandoned corridor in the Palace of Solitude, the Dragonborn is suddenly drawn into the mind of the late Emperor Pelagius. In a misty playground of madness that is strongly reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, we meet our character from Oblivion again.

He’s now white-haired, always happy, dressed in purple and red. » I’m a mad god, THE mad god, strictly speaking. It’s a family title. Lend it to me every few thousand years, he proclaims. Call me Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Delighted.

Skyrim expert Ardko classifies the curious twist for you:

In The Elder Scrolls, the Daedra are known to be demonic lords who always have fun with humans. Sheogorath is considered the most powerful of them and appears in all games. He belongs to the pantheon of Dark Elves, who believe that Sheogorath will always test them with trials in life. He’s insane and messy, like the Joker from the Batman universe. Therefore, it is not surprising why he is so popular with the players.

However, many players are unaware of its interesting backstory, which is told in Oblivion’s Shivering Isles DLC and ultimately explains the fate of the Oblivion player. Because initially, Sheogorath was not the god of madness at all but the god of order: Jyggalag.

The eternal struggle between order and madness
It is said that all other Daedra both feared and envied Jyggalag. Because of his power and his plans, explains the YouTuber. But since Daedra are immortal, they couldn’t just take him out. So instead, they put a curse on him to hinder him. Thus, he became Sheogorath, using his power only for chaos and nonsense, as we know him from the games.

In-game books such as The Sixteen Chords of Madness tell stories about the prince and his nature. So he kept organizing competitions with the other Daedra. For example, with Hircine, when it came to creating the worst monster. While the Daedra of the Hunt created a terrible nightmare, Sheogorath chose a small bird instead.

The competition of different monsters had a surprising ending: the bird flew around the beast, and the beast tore itself trying to catch the bird. This is the mad lord’s hallmark: Sheogorath always solves it with cunning no matter what the contest.

‘Clever as Sheogorath appears, the danger is not over. The problem is that his curse is temporary. At the end of each era, Jyggalag returns. Then two different personalities fight for control in the same body, Jyggalag for order, Sheogorath for madness. Similar to Gollum and Sméagol from The Lord of the Rings. In this regard, Sheogorath is calling for our help as Oblivion players and is taking us via a portal to his realm, the Shivering Isles, to stop Jyggalag and his so-called Gray March of Order.«

Fascinating: The architecture perfectly reflects the personality of Sheogorath. The happy, colorful lands of Mania represent his euphoria, the dark, sad lands of Dementia his depression, motifs also reflected in his split dress style. Over several quests, we bring one island area after the other under our control in the DLC.

Eventually, despite our actions, Sheogorath fully transforms back into Jyggalag. The colors fade, the extremes disappear, and the god of order appears in pure gray and hard crystal. The sad end of the Chaos Lord? No, not at all, explains Ardko:

The player wins the battle, but Sheogorath is lost. The only way to save him and end the curse forever is to take his place. In TES, there is the process of mantling, which states that if two people become more and more alike, they can merge into one another. For example, Tiber Septim also became the god Thalos. And the character who took back the Shivering Isles was now enough like Sheogorath to sit on his throne.

Jyggalag disappears into Oblivion. We stay and also get some extraordinary abilities. We can summon troops, control the weather, and teleport to the palace – now we can rule as we like as Sheogorath!

A joker forever
In the Skyrim quest The Spirit of Madness, we travel into the mind of a deceased emperor and meet the Oblivion player in the form of Sheogorath. To end their wicked banter with Emperor Pelagius, the Dragonborn must endure some curious trials from Sheogorath. Knowing that we’re facing our Oblivion character gives new meaning to certain statements made by the Daedra, Ardko says.

Butterflies, blood, a fox, a severed head alludes to the murder of the Emperor, the Thieves’ Guild, and other events in Oblivion. Likewise, his idea could be used to reference the mantling itself when he says, It’s a family title. Bestow it upon me every few millennia. Is there anything else we can elicit from the Oblivion character who is now Sheogorath?

A lot of the statements are difficult to pin down to our last character or Sheogorath since they are now the same person anyway. However, nuances can be seen in some places, says Arko. So, for some reason, Sheogorath ranks Emperor Martin among the best sevenths, although history would contradict here. This good opinion could have come from the Oblivion period when we spent a lot of time with the Emperor. Furthermore? We can say that the Oblivion hero not only accepts his destiny but enjoys it completely. There seems to be no conflict here, unlike Jyggalag and Sheogorath.

Whenever The Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, we can be very confident that the Prince of Madness will grace us again. And inside him, hidden somewhere deep down, also an old friend, namely our former Oblivion character. The fun fact at the end: The name Sheogorath references HP Lovecraft’s Shoggoth monster and is also named after the game designer and TES co-creator Theodore Peterson.

Do you like the first games of the brand-new PS Plus? Doubts amongst readers, but also positive outlook

In simply one month, PlayStation users can join PS And also Bonus as well as PS Plus Premium, two new degrees of the Japanese Company Subscription Service with which to access thousands of computer game, consisting of dozens of standards in their more price high. As well as soon as a very first breakthrough of the available titles is understood, Is the catalog of this reformulated PlayStation And also at the height?

With the extensive legacy of PlayStation there were several far better titles where to select Macija in general, the directory of PS4 as well as PS5 propositions leaves excellent vibrations among users, as well as surprises amongst the agnostics with PlayStation. “I saw Sony quite possibly -off, and I think this is an impressive renovation of its solutions, only misted by having to pay the online also if you are not interested as my situation,” states Oslocor. However, everything modifications with the checklist of traditional titles: “It is unfortunate, with the substantial heritage of PlayStation there were several far better titles to choose from,” he wished to include this feeling Macija, one of the professionals on the page.

We desired to ask this question a few days ago to 3DJUGOS readers, obtaining because of this a bulk not by 59% of individuals. “In the meantime, when the full list will certainly see but today I left numerous uncertainties that they wish to add ,” Crsnake responds in the argument comments. As a way to place Buzz it has been dreadful, “adds Israelmova1567, therefore putting the emphasis once more on the questionable PlayStation interaction method.

Premium DISCOR

We currently have a main server! A location where you can speak directly to the publication’s editors, take part in competitors, obtain presents or just having fun with other individuals. Do not consider it any longer and join our community.

Sign up with the Premium disharmony

PlayStation's BIG PS Plus Feature Revealed And New Xbox Sales Surprise Online | News Wave

Nonetheless, this is only a choice of launch titles, and also it is anticipated that from the Japanese international it is progressively expanding its magazine. Hence, in Dissonance Edu García welcomes us to be “confident as well as Offer Sony time to see just how the solution ” develops. This way, maybe the success of the brand-new PlayStation bet is not chosen on June 23, but when transformed numerous months.

“For currently, when the total list will see but today I left many uncertainties that they want to include ,” Crsnake responds in the argument comments. With the comprehensive tradition of PlayStation there were lots of better titles where to choose Macija in basic, the catalog of PS4 and also PS5 proposals leaves excellent resonances among users, and surprises among the agnostics with PlayStation. Therefore, in Dissonance Edu García welcomes us to be “positive and Give Sony some time to see exactly how the solution ” advances.

The discussions will continue quickly in both the Premium web pages and also in our Dissonance web server, which new users get here daily.

NBA News: $ 100,000! Dallas Mavericks for behavior on the bench asked to checkout for the third time

The Dallas Mavericks have been asked by the NBA for the third time in the current postseason for their behavior on the bench to the cash register. After $ 25,000 and $ 50,000, the punishment was doubled again, so that the Texans now have to shell out $ 100,000. The league announced this on Sunday.

Mark Cuban throws shade after Mavs' THIRD bench decorum fine ????
After two offenses in the previous series against the Phoenix Suns, the members of the team had not adhered to the rules, according to the statement, in the bitter defeat in game 2 at the Golden State Warriors. In addition to several players, a member of the coaching staff stood in the bank for a longer period of time and even moved away from the bank and stood in the field during the game.

“It is the league’s decision to express a punishment, but we will not sit down and continue to cheer on the players,” said Mavs Head coach Jason Kidd before game 3 when the punishment was not yet official. Already after the first punishment he said: “The league takes care of the wrong things. Millionaire Feuer is a millionaire. The enthusiasm is special, that’s what sport is about.”

In game 2 against Golden State there was even a scene in which Stephen Curry wanted to play the ball for Dallas’ Two-Way player Theo Pinson, who stood next to the bank in a white sweater and thus confused the Warriors jersey similar saw. The situation was similar with the injured Tim Hardaway Jr. “We try everything to help our teammates,” Pinson recently told ESPN. “We cause a mental problem for the opponent.”

Steve Kerr, Head Coach of the Warriors, said about the topic: “It doesn’t bother me as long as you don’t intervene in the game. I love that your bank brings energy, runs Trash Talk and is full. The fans want to see that. The fans want a team to take care of each other. I love it, but when the game is intervened, a red line is exceeded. “

NBA Playoffs – Warriors vs. Mavs: The series at a glance (2-0)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 19. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 112: 87
2 21. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks 126: 117
3 23. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
4 25. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
5* 27. May 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Dallas Mavericks
6* 29. May 3 o’clock Dallas Mavericks Golden State Warriors
7* 31. May 2 o’clock Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors

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* if necessary

Fractured Online: Grab a tap strain now!

Fractored Online not only wants to convince you with an enchanting game world that you can explore from an isometric perspective, but also with a clever faction system, unique bioma and the absolute cake for MMO gamers: One of players!

Fractored Online is developed by the Milanese Studio Dynamight Studios, which has set nothing other than to revolutionize the sandbox mm genre ! You can try out whether the developers are already doing this now! Because we are giving away 500 betakys! The Free Week also takes place – we explain all the important details and the difference below!

free week for fractured online

First of all, the information about the free week for fractured online: ** It starts on May 25, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. and ends on May 31, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. Fans fractured online pay a visit to explore the continent of Aerhen, which is largely dominated by humans. There you will get your money’s worth! Not only the weather beats caps; It is freezing cold in the mountains, cozy with the volcanoes and it rains in the steppe.

No, you also meet fabulous figures such as Jotunns, mammoths, elementary and arctic wolves. Regardless of whether you want to look at the craft, economy or PvP from fractured online, or just roam the world… all of this is possible and you can try all of this in the Free Week… But just! With one of our fractored online betakys, everything can be done even longer and in more detail!

Betakeys for fractured online

What you want to try out in fractured online is only up to you and your buddies! With one of our fractored online tea, you can frolicker in the dynamic sandbox world for longer. Following the rules:

Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs

The keys can be redeemed from the time of the award after the end of our raffle (May 22, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.), until May 25, 2022 at 11:59 p.m., so that your key doesn’t expire!
* From the time from which you have redeemed the key in your glyph account, you have access to the closed beta of fractured online for two weeks to take a detailed picture of the upcoming sandbox mm!
By the way: * All progress is “canceled” for later beta access, only before the release will there be a wipe.

Now that we have explained all the rules for you:

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Tennis – A year later: Osaka is still moving her retreat from Paris

A year after her emotional withdrawal from the French Open, Naomi Osaka is still moving from the stirring days in Paris. “I don’t want to lie. I was concerned before my return,” said the four-time Grand Slam winner from Japan before the tournament started in Roland Garros.

The 24-year-old, who did not want to take part in the mandatory press conferences last year and finally no longer took her second-round match after public discussions, was now concerned about how it would be recorded in the French capital. And whether she was able to solve unpleasant confrontations with people who might have hurt her behavior well.

“On the whole, everyone reacted quite positively,” said Osaka, who had taken a break until the Olympic Games in Tokyo last year to devote herself to their mental health. In the world rankings, the former number one slipped to 38th.

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Naomi Osaka fans react following her withdrawal from French Open

In Paris, Osaka meets the American Amanda Anisimova in the first round, against whom she lost in three sets at the Australian Open.

Manchester City: Villa

Aston Villa’s goalkeeper Robin Olsen was attacked after the last matchday in the Premier League at Manchester City (2: 3). Fans of the Cityzens stormed the field after the final whistle to celebrate the championship again. There was an attack on Olsen.

Villa trainer Steven Gerrard was then asked if his players would have made it out of the square: “The answer to it is no,” said the ex-professional. “My goalkeeper was attacked. You should ask PEP (Guardiola, editor’s note) and Manchester City. We will now check whether he is doing well.”

Olsen had finally been accompanied by folders and kept his face. Manchester City apologized in a statement at Olsen for the incident and announced an investigation. A stadium ban threatens to the attackers or the attackers.

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* English cup competitions and championship live on DAZN. Register now!

EEN KRANKZINNIGE ONTKNOPING! ???????? | Man City vs Aston Villa | Premier League 2021/22 | Samenvatting

City had still bagged the eighth championship title in club history after a dramatic course of the game including 0: 2 deficit in the remote duel with the Liverpool FC. The supporters of the Skyblues stormed into the field right after the end, where the players Aston Villas were still stuck.

Deb team after 5: 4 against Kazakhs before group victory

Germany’s ice hockey national team has the chance of the best preliminary round in the history of the association after the fifth victory in series at the World Cup in Finland. On Sunday, the replacement weakened selection of national coach Toni Söderholm against the preliminary round Kazakhstan weighed 5: 4 (3: 2, 1: 1, 1: 1). On Tuesday in the final group game against arch -rival Switzerland (11.20 a.m./Sport1 and Magenta Sport), Germany can even win the group victory and thus the best starting point for the quarter -finals on Thursday.

Jonas Müller (5th minute) with his first World Cup goal, Leo Pföderl (17th), Daniel Fischbuch (19th), Lukas Reichel (26th) and Yasin Ehliz (48th) scored the goals for the selection in Helsinki of the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB). With now 15 points, the DEB team hired the most successful World Cup preliminary round round off 2019 after six games. Roman Starschenko (3rd), Jegor Petuchow (16.), Pawel Akolzin (40th) and Nikita Mikhailis (41st) met for the fighting outsider, which the descent from the A group threatens.

Since the quarter-finals had already been arrested, Söderholm spared some top performers. In the goal, Dustin Strahlmeier from the Grizzlys Wolfsburg came to his World Cup debut, NHL goalie Philipp Grubauer was not in the squad. Even the slightly battered Korbinian Holzer and Matthias Plachta did not play. “They are both capable of playing, nothing bad,” said Söderholm to the duo from Mannheim.

call from Ottawa

The national coach also had a similar opinion about NHL striker Tim Stützle. But after his slight knee injury from the game against France last Monday (3-2), the 20-year-old exceptional striker will no longer play at the World Cup – apparently at the behest of his NHL team Ottawa Senator. “The decision is not in my hands,” said Söderholm.

Kazakhstan – Germany 4: 5 (2: 3.1: 1.1: 1)
Gate: Schutow
Defense: Orechow, Blacker, Metalnikow, Dietz, Schalapow, Beketajew, Sam. Danijar
attack: Startschenko, Sagadejew, Akolsin, Sawitskij, Walk, Mikhailis, Schewtschenko, Schestakow, Panjukow, Rachmanow, Asetow, Gurkow, Petuchow

Tor: Strahlmeier (Grizzlys Wolfsburg)
Defense: Mo. Müller (Cologne Haie), Seider (Detroit Red Wings), J. Müller (Eisbären Berlin), Gawanke (Manitoba Moose), Wissmann (Eisbären Berlin), F. Wagner (ERC Ingolstadt), Bittner (Grizzlys Wolfsburg) Attack: EHLIZ (EHC Red Bull Munich), Michaelis (Toronto Marlies), Fischbuch (Düsseldorfer eG), Noebels (Eisbären Berlin), Reichel (Eisbären Berlin), Pföderl (Eisbären Berlin), Schmölz ( Nuremberg Ice Tigers), Loibl (Skellefteå aik), Karachun (Schwenninger Wild Wings), Soramies (ERC Ingolstadt), Kastner (EHC Red Bull Munich), EHL (Düsseldorfer eG)


Referee: Roy Stian Hansen (Norway)/Linus Öhlund (Sweden)
viewer: 3124

Tore: 1: 0 Startschenko (2:57), 1: 1 J. Müller (4:38), 2: 1 Petuchow (15:46), 2: 2 Pföderl (16:10), 2: 3 Fischbuch (18:33), 2: 4 Reichel (25:52), 3: 4 Akolsin (39:29), 4: 4 Mikhailis (40:38), 4: 5 Ehliz (47:08)
Criminal minutes: 6/4

NBA: Boston Celtics lose home game against Miami Heat

Basketball national player Daniel Theis and the Boston Celtics have fallen 1-2 behind in the conference finals of the North American professional league NBA.

In the home TD Garden, the record champion from the east coast lost the Miami Heat 103: 109. Four victories are necessary in the Best-of-Seven series to move into the NBA finals.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat Full Game 2 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

Center Theis stood in the starting line -up, but only came to one point and three rebounds in ten minutes.

Under his possibilities, the last outstanding Jayson Tatum remained with only ten points, when the 40 points of Jayl Brown were not enough for the lead.

For the guests who had to do without Jimmy Butler (knee injury) in the entire second half, Center Bam Adebayo convinced with 31 points and ten rebounds. Game four of the series takes place again in Boston on Tuesday night.

In the second play-off semi-final between the Dallas Mavericks, team of the German international Maxi Kleber, and the Golden State Warriors is 0: 2.

Comic Book Nation: Did you meet the Halo series? / Daredevil and She trailer reactions

The CB Nation team analyzes the She-Hulktrailer and Daredevil MCU series in Disney+. We argued whether or not Halo The Series complied with its end of season 1, and we discussed which television program DC Arrowverse we would save. In addition: New DC and Marvel comics reviews and anime/manga summaries!

Did Halo The Series Deliver? / MCU Daredevil and She-Hulk Trailer Discussion (Episode 4x20)

Although Halo Finale was divisive for the presenters of the program, the general execution of season 1 has been divisive for both fans, casual spectators and even for the cast and creators of the program. Halo’s executive producer, Kiki Wolfkill, approached the low points of season 1 and asked fans to keep faith in season 2:

“My hope is that we can all overcome that and see where we end with Chief and John in the second season,” said Wolfkill. Deadline. “I firmly believe that we have an incredible story to have him and we will continue to do so, and sometimes, as we know with Silver Timeline, it will be different from what we have seen before. It’s like a character as much as Master Chief and John is completely the same.

There are several additional forms in which signed and/or listening to the comic nation that are listed below:

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Each episode has a deep immersion in the main topics of discussion and current debates within the Geek culture: movies, television, comics and video games are regular characteristics, with genres such as science fiction, anime and wrestling that They also present regularly. We are your unique place for all things Geek!

After each show we will keep the discussion on Twitter:

Do you have thoughts to share? Do you want us to cover something in the program? Tell us in the comments!

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