Black Friday for Boris Becker. At the end of the trial in London, a judge announced the strict sentence, the 54-year-old has to go to prison. The international press voices for the judgment.


The Sun: “Serving Time – Tennis star Boris Becker has to go to prison for two and a half years after hiding millions of pounds during his bankruptcy in 2017.”

Daily Mail: “Boris Becker and a crash like no other: an insatiable appetite for women, houses, cars and luxury life. Now fateful business errors and fatal arrogance have led to the Wimbledon star to start a two and a half year prison sentence. “


Gazzetta Dello Sport: “Becker will no longer watch the world through a tennis network, but through the grids of an English prison. The child prodigy of the tennis has been difficult to do as an adult. Skandals, debts and bankruptcy: Becker’s reputation is ruined. “

Corriere della sera: “On the day of the court, Boris Becker wears the Wimbledon tie with the Greens and Lila stripes, symbol of a glorious time that has swept away the years and many mistakes. Scandals and love affairs, falls and resurrections: Beckers Life on the roller coaster now ends in prison. “

La Repubblica: “The deep case of Boris Beckers: The King of Wimbledon ends up in the Queen prison. A phenomenon falls without the same of the tennis that has not found any balance outside of the field. The Wimbledon tie, the Becker Court bears a tombstone of his fabulous career from excesses, decline and regrets. “

Corriere dello Sport: “Fatales London for Boris Becker: His career, which started in Wimbledon in 1985 at the age of 17, ended in the Palace of Justice on the banks of the Thames. Not lucky. In his cell, Becker will be able to think about the strategy for restarting. He is not missing. “

IL Messaggero: “From the lawn Wimbledons to the prison: Boris Becker, the tennis talent, which had conquered Wimbledon at the age of 17, must now have the difficult experience of the prison. His reputation is destroyed. Two expensive divorces, the maintenance for four Children and a life from excesses have darkened Becker’s star. “


The standard: “Fortunately for the 54-year-old is neither laziness nor stupidity. Certainly tragic features. However, the failed businessman remains responsible for his humiliation. “


New York Times: “The judgment marks an astonishing case for Boris Becker. His tennis talent, his bubbling personality and his business ambitions had brought him a fortune to this point.”


Tennis legend Boris Becker sentenced to prison for bankruptcy offences | 9 News Australia

Neuer Zürcher Zeitung: “The sentence is known – Boris Becker has to go to prison for two years and six months. A British court condemns the former tennis wonder child to 30 months in prison. It is the low point of a career that completely from the Rowing has run. “

Blick: “The decision has been made-Boris Becker has to go to prison! The former tennis star has to go back to prison. “


Marca: “The fate of Boris Becker. As the judge Deborah Taylor argued in her reasoning, the culprit did not learn his lesson in Germany in 2002. Could have success. “

as: “Two and a half years in prison for number one in the world rankings in the 80s and 90s. This Friday he was put into the detention cell immediately after the verdict. Also looks optically stricken, that doesn’t go past him without a trace. “

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Mundo Deportivo: “Boris Becker did not understand how to deal with his assets. Now he has to go to prison for two and a half years.”