The Huawei 5G network infrastructure for Southeast Asia is now ready to be connected, says the Chinese telecommunications giant, highlighting all the negative effects of the current telephone war on with the USA. Conflicts did not take place only in cyberspace, because the United States prevented all American manufacturers of technologies from trade with Huawei and selling them equipment, while preventing them from importing anything in the states- United, with the warning of President Donald Trump himself that Huawei devices can be used for espionage.

Despite the ban on the American market and despite the potential charges of spying, Huawei deployed its 5G network infrastructure throughout Southeast Asia, thus dismissing all the damage caused to the company during the telephone war.. The Philippines and Thailand will be the first to try the network and new technologies.

Huawei denied all the accusations made by the United States and its president regarding the use of its technology by China to spy on countries. The vice-president of Huawei, Mr. Edward Zhou, made a statement about the United States against China Phone Wars last Sunday, during the Association of Southeast Asians, and said:

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“China and the United States are now in the trade war and there is also a kind of technological war (on which) Huawei is very concentrated at the moment. We are here to support ASEAN in the development of 5G. There are no cybersecurity problems for us. Nothing proves that the United States say that ”- Edward Zhou.

This new generation technology will be used to help the economy, trade, education and all other sectors of the areas mentioned. This will improve trade, transport and information flows at the local level, since Huawei has already invested more than $ 5 billion to test and set up the new network. Thailand was one of the first to welcome it with open arms and allowed Huawei to set up its test center in a large university near Bangkok, the country’s capital.

This news is considered a blow to the United States, because Thailand and the Philippines were historic allies with the United States, but chose not to participate in the surveillance and the prohibitions imposed on the products of the company issued by President Trump. However, Vietnam retired from Huawei and chose to deploy the reception wagon for Ericsson and the Nokia 5G technological networks.