Özcan plays a strong season (Anthony Modeste average: 2.98), is absolutely set for Cologne. In the 3-1 win on the last match day against Bielefeld, however, the midfielder picked up his fifth yellow card and will therefore be missing in Augsburg. At the press conference on Thursday, Baumgart revealed how he wants to absorb the failure: “We will play with Flaco (Ellyes Skhiri, Note. It is still open who, alongside Tony (Anthony Modeste, Note, ed.) The second storm tip.

The most likely appears that Jan Thielmann will be the second tip alongside Modeste. In any case, Sebastian Andersson, who still trains individually after his Corona infection, is not yet an option. “It is not easy to say when he will come back. We hope for next week, but I also want to see that 100 percent everything fits again. With everyone, the course is different. Basically, we hope that we hope that we can still use it in the last two games, “said Baumgart.

There was better news from Captain Jonas Hector, who, after his laceration, who has suffered against Bielefeld, has already fully trained with the team twice. “We assume that he will be on the pitch again as normal on Saturday,” the coach prize.

“You defend well and intensely”

And then the next step towards Europe should be taken towards Europe. The Cologne team are currently in seventh place and in lurk position. In the end, however, that space for a European competition could also be sufficient. First of all, for Baumgart & Co. Augsburg, which on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Anthony Modeste) can calculate the relegation with a win. “This is a duel -strong team that does not always come through possession of the ball. They act very well and aggressively on the second ball. They defend well and intensive. We want to play a good game there and get a good result,” the coach made it clear clear.

Baumgart is not worried when you look at the summer

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With a threesome, the next step would be taken in a great season. The Cologne team drew attention to themselves, and the players are of course on the piece of paper with one or the other club. The coach cannot be worried about it. “I don’t worry about dangers or anything, otherwise I would be out of place. It’s about the last three games and a big goal that we have now made public,” said Baumgart in terms of European hopes. “Then it goes on vacation, then discussions take place. One or the other may go somewhere else, one or the other is coming. I see no dangers, these are things that belong in football. When players get offers, this is yes also confirmation of our work. “