The story writer

For Kevin Trapp it was a pawn night when he came with Paris St. Germain after a 4-0 successor success for Barcelona in the Camp Nou with 1: 6 and in the Champions League Octagonal five years ago Loweged. Not always you get the opportunity to rewrite history in life. But for the German Nationalkeeper, the draw after the progress against Betis Seville was the lucky fate.

When he moved on Thursday evening at 20.09 am under the thunderous jubilation of the Eintracht fans to the Warmmmachen in the Manege and to wave the trailers, the self-confidence of the 31-year-old was to be felt to high under Tribunendach. Throughout the game, Trapp beamed a tremendous rest and sovereignty. The biggest moment he experienced in the 55th minute when he prevented the 1: 2 with a fantastic footprint against Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – a key moment.

The Phoenix

Almamy Toure experienced a resurrection like Phoenix from the ashes. In his old, former life he was considered “brother light foot”, which tends to unconcentrities and simple mistakes. But in the Camp Nou he defended the highest level and had only in a few scenes. This is not least remarkable because toou had not stood in the starting eleven since the 19th matchday and was thrown into cold water without playing rhythm. But the day of the game, coach Oliver Glasner had no doubt that the 25-year-old has grown the task: “I do not have to be fully cared for him for ten hours, that he brings his performance tomorrow. Almamy has really trained all the time and Was always there. “

The Mount Everest from Carinthia

The story of Martin Hinteregger is fast told: the Austrian acknowledged almost everything as in the first leg, which could not defend his two secondary people and was much more than just the rock in the surf. Since there is the Mount Everest elsewhere else, it will be time that in his homeland somewhere a mountain is baptized at least in “Mount Henti”. The fans celebrated him after the final whistle like a world champion.

The fallen hero

Whirlwind Ousmane Dembelé demanded Evan Ndicka everything as long as he came across the right, but the Frenchman hit Wacker, defended his heart and brain. Until the events overwhelmed in the long screening time. First, the 22-year-old saw the yellow card for a ball path before he squeezed to the floor in the ninth minute of the aftermath time Luuk de Jong in the sixteen. The penalty was undisputed, but the yellow-red card, however, a too hard decision – referee ACTUR SOARES DIAS showed little fingertips. This gives Ndicka the semi-final game in London against West Ham on April 28th.

The pest

Kristijan Jakic played in the central midfield with as much passenger and adrenaline, that it was a true pleasure. The 24-year-old embodied all this, which lacked Barcelona over long distances: unusual will. In addition, the Kroat looked again and again with clever passports and playful solutions – it was his to date best performance in the Eintracht jersey.

The emperor


Maybe it was the best game of his life. Sebastian Rode played, struggled and led like a true captain, he was the emperor in midfield. The 31-year-old had heard physical setbacks this season, never really fit and is therefore no regular player. But somewhere in Barcelona, Rode must have found a young well and have drunk. Hopefully he has bottled a few bottles for the semifinals.

The young seal

Ansgar Knauf was as expected much in the defensive bound, because in the game against the ball usually quickly formed a fiffer chain, in which the Dortmund loan fulfilled the right part. But when it went forward in quick switching moments, the 20-year-old tempodribbler was barely stopping. The most beautiful scene: When he moved to the middle of the wing in the 35th minute, he named Jordi Alba and Ferran Torres, as if there were two cardboard camerades. Only the degree was not quite as good as the big Arjen.

The executor

Anyone who has also caught the jersey of Filip Kostic should be superior to exhibiting it in the Louvre. The 29-year-old played like a master of his subject and shot Barca ice cold. Nerve strong in the penalty and with surgical precision at 3: 0 – so he brought the amount on the ranks twice to rummen. That Dembelé was not always stopping, does not narrow his big appearance. Kostic itself spoke afterwards from the best game of his career.

The rocket man

With his mad pace, Jesper Lindström kept reading for important relief, on top of that he brought the penalty to the 1-0 out. In his first Bundesliga year, the 22-year-old Dane is still in the beginning of his development, all the more considerable it is that he can now focus on the big stage of accents. At the man with the rocket drive, the fans will have a lot of fun.

UWES eye

Yes, on Daichi Kamada often divorce the ghosts, as he lacks the Konstanz with all the footballing brilliance. But on Thursday evening, not only the confessing Kamada fan Uwe Leg, Frankfurt’s legendary playmakers of the 90s, should have risen a heart. The ingenious passports and filigree movements of the Japanese mutatized majestically, he played like a royal – and in the Camp Nou!

The big blast

Like the last brush stroke in making a famous painting, the appearance of Rafael Borré perfectly fit in the overall picture. Over the past few weeks, the Colombian national forces struck forward as a single entertainer, but always made an unfortunate figure off. Decisive did not want to succeed the fighter’s heart, it was almost like meshed. Up to the 36th minute. Anti-player Ronald Araujo apparently did not suspect which Halfahmen haunts, otherwise he would have defended more energetic. But Borré suddenly had enough room to fire the ball from around 25 meters untenable to the angle. This blast is entering the history books.