Liverpools Captain Jordan Henderson has not yet given up the hopes for a further exciting championship fight with Manchester City.

“There is no end of the world and we are still in the race,” said Henderson after 2: 2 (1: 2) in case of defending champion Manchester City. Thus, however, the Reds gave the last opportunity to take over the table leadership in the English Premier League from our own.

However, the disappointment was also limited to Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp. “It was a great game,” Klopp said. “With the result we have to live and we can live.” The Reds had balanced in the high-class football match in the Etihad Stadium on Sunday goals of Kevin de Bruyne (5th Minute) and Gabriel Jesus (36th) twice a residue. Diogo Jota (13th) and Sadio Mané (46th) met for Liverpool.

“What a game!”, Rocked Klopp. “That was like a boxing fight, you have your arms for a second below, collapses a tough blow and then you’ll shake you something.”

City Team Manager Guardiola Handert

Man City remains at the top with a counter lead at the top, but could have worried seven days before the end of the season with a success for a preliminary decision in the title race. “That was a huge opportunity,” City-Coach Pep Guardiola also held with the result – and with a missed Grand Chance of Riyad Mahrez in the detention time. “But there are many games left.”

Guardiola’s team has in the season end spurt on the paper the slightly lighter residual program, while Klopp has to compete with Liverpool among other things against recordmaster Manchester United and again strengthened Tottenham Hotspur. “Of course they do not lose many points, we know that. We have to focus on us and try to win as many games as possible. And if you make a mistake, we have to be there,” said Henderson. City scorer Kevin de Bruyne said, “I know many people said that the one who wins today gains the title. But I do not think that both teams think so. As today we have to continue playing for the rest of the season “

On Saturday you meet City and Liverpool at first again. In the Wembley Stadium in London, the two topclubs deny the FA Cup semi-final.