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FC Freiburg: Champions League? Cup victory? Streich holds the ball flat

David Abraham Knocks over Freiburg coach Christian Streich - Red Card Abraham And Vicenzo Grifo

Christian Streich remains loyal to all the dreams of SC Freiburg from the Champions League.
“I can understand everything from the fans, of course, so they are fans because they have dreams and hopes,” said Streich at “Sky” before the game at TSG Hoffenheim.
However, he himself does not “honestly” think of the DFB Cup final or the great chance of the SC in the coming season in the European Cup and maybe even in the Champions League.
“I don’t think about it at all,” said Streich, who meets RB Leipzig with Freiburg in the cup final on May 21 in Berlin.
He recently only thought of the game against Hoffenheim.
“I know that it goes into the final phase, to the decisions.”

Press votes on the prison sentence for Boris Becker: a crash like no other

Black Friday for Boris Becker. At the end of the trial in London, a judge announced the strict sentence, the 54-year-old has to go to prison. The international press voices for the judgment.


The Sun: “Serving Time – Tennis star Boris Becker has to go to prison for two and a half years after hiding millions of pounds during his bankruptcy in 2017.”

Daily Mail: “Boris Becker and a crash like no other: an insatiable appetite for women, houses, cars and luxury life. Now fateful business errors and fatal arrogance have led to the Wimbledon star to start a two and a half year prison sentence. “


Gazzetta Dello Sport: “Becker will no longer watch the world through a tennis network, but through the grids of an English prison. The child prodigy of the tennis has been difficult to do as an adult. Skandals, debts and bankruptcy: Becker’s reputation is ruined. “

Corriere della sera: “On the day of the court, Boris Becker wears the Wimbledon tie with the Greens and Lila stripes, symbol of a glorious time that has swept away the years and many mistakes. Scandals and love affairs, falls and resurrections: Beckers Life on the roller coaster now ends in prison. “

La Repubblica: “The deep case of Boris Beckers: The King of Wimbledon ends up in the Queen prison. A phenomenon falls without the same of the tennis that has not found any balance outside of the field. The Wimbledon tie, the Becker Court bears a tombstone of his fabulous career from excesses, decline and regrets. “

Corriere dello Sport: “Fatales London for Boris Becker: His career, which started in Wimbledon in 1985 at the age of 17, ended in the Palace of Justice on the banks of the Thames. Not lucky. In his cell, Becker will be able to think about the strategy for restarting. He is not missing. “

IL Messaggero: “From the lawn Wimbledons to the prison: Boris Becker, the tennis talent, which had conquered Wimbledon at the age of 17, must now have the difficult experience of the prison. His reputation is destroyed. Two expensive divorces, the maintenance for four Children and a life from excesses have darkened Becker’s star. “


The standard: “Fortunately for the 54-year-old is neither laziness nor stupidity. Certainly tragic features. However, the failed businessman remains responsible for his humiliation. “


New York Times: “The judgment marks an astonishing case for Boris Becker. His tennis talent, his bubbling personality and his business ambitions had brought him a fortune to this point.”


Tennis legend Boris Becker sentenced to prison for bankruptcy offences | 9 News Australia

Neuer Zürcher Zeitung: “The sentence is known – Boris Becker has to go to prison for two years and six months. A British court condemns the former tennis wonder child to 30 months in prison. It is the low point of a career that completely from the Rowing has run. “

Blick: “The decision has been made-Boris Becker has to go to prison! The former tennis star has to go back to prison. “


Marca: “The fate of Boris Becker. As the judge Deborah Taylor argued in her reasoning, the culprit did not learn his lesson in Germany in 2002. Could have success. “

as: “Two and a half years in prison for number one in the world rankings in the 80s and 90s. This Friday he was put into the detention cell immediately after the verdict. Also looks optically stricken, that doesn’t go past him without a trace. “

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Mundo Deportivo: “Boris Becker did not understand how to deal with his assets. Now he has to go to prison for two and a half years.”

Bremen owners take care of the turn

The Werder team, which was unchanged compared to the Schalke game, succeeded in starting with lightning in the northern duel against Kiel. Thesker led over the ball after a cross, Füllkrug thanked in the 2nd minute. After a handball from Lorenz in the penalty area, it was even 2-0 in the 23rd minute thanks to Ducksch’s penalty, but with the break whistle, Kiel came to the goal after an accidental defense campaign. Immediately after the break, there were top-class opportunities to see on both sides, but the Werner-Elf had much more. But then Bremen’s young hit the 2-2 in his own goal (71st), but it should come even worse. In the 85th minute, Korb scored 3-2 for Kiel, which Bremen sent in second place.

Terodde makes Schalke shake

Richard Scarry's Old MacDonald's Farm and Other Animal Tales (Part 4)

Because the competition scored: S04 coach Mike Büskens made three changes before the game at Sandhausen, including captain Latza returned to the starting eleven. In the 19th minute, the narrows should have been in front, Terodde and Bülter failed after the other. Except for a free kick from Zalazar (25th) – here too Drewes was on hand – the superior Schalke brought about nothing dangerous before the break. S04 then increased the number of strokes, according to Churlinov’s post shot, Terodde was on the spot with the dusty – 1: 0 (71.). However, since Diekmeier equalized in the 83rd minute, tension was announced again on the Hardtwald in the final phase. In injury time, however, Terodde was nevertheless able to get the leather in the goal under pure ecstasy at S04, which greets again from the top. Sandhausens Kuol picked up the red card for the SVS due to coarse fouls.

St. Pauli can still be won

The chasing duel in the promotion race rose to St. Pauli, which had to do without Nuremberg, among other things, on the battered Burgstaller and captain Ziereis (Covid-19). After Medic thwarted a promising situation for the club early, did little to go to the gates, although the KiezFüllkrug thanked had done much more for the game until the break. In the 57th minute, Becker was unlucky that he only hit the aluminum, the best chance of the game so far. In the 74th minute the leadership of the Hamburgers, Kyereh secured a penalty. In the 92nd minute, however, Duman was 1-1 on hand and thus maintained the minimal advancement opportunities of the Nuremberg.

Hannover as well as saved

Hannover wanted to take the decisive step towards relegation with a win against the KSC (without the yellow-locked top scorer Hofmann). Weydandt (25th) set the course early. Both teams had some opportunities in the first half to provide countable things, but it remained at half-time when it came to the narrow 96 lead. After that, not too much did in Lower Saxony before Beier made everything clear in added time with the 2-0. Hanover is as good as saved on Friday evening.

Düsseldorf makes class stay perfect

Heidenheim had to do without coach Frank Schmidt because of a positive coronate test, Bernhard Raab took over against Düsseldorf, who finally wanted to crack the 40-point mark. And that succeeded: Piotrowski (20th) and Klaus (33rd) after an unfortunate action by keeper Müller met for the Fortunes. Shortly after the restart, however, the just substituted Malone was on the spot with the 1: 2, but clearer (56th) restored the old distance. Since small service failed on the post (85th) there was no more excitement. Fortuna will surely play in the 2nd division in the coming season.

The 32nd matchday at an overview

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After Mannheim-Aus: Straubing in Champions Hockey League

This is safe due to the semi-finals from Adler Mannheim in the DEL play-offs on Thursday evening.
In addition to the three best -placed teams in the main round, the master also has a starting place in the Chl.
Since the EISBARE Berlin and the EHC Munich, who took first and second place in the main round, are facing place in the final for the title for the title, the fourth German starting place goes to Straubing.
The Adler Mannheim in fifth place have no chances after the end of Berlin.

Adler Mannheim - Eisbären Berlin | Highlights PENNY DEL 21/22
The Grizzlys Wolfsburg complete the German starting field as third after the main round.
The group draw for the Champions League is on the edge of the ice hockey World Cup in Finland on May 25th in Tampere.

United States against China Phone Wars Round 15

The Huawei 5G network infrastructure for Southeast Asia is now ready to be connected, says the Chinese telecommunications giant, highlighting all the negative effects of the current telephone war on with the USA. Conflicts did not take place only in cyberspace, because the United States prevented all American manufacturers of technologies from trade with Huawei and selling them equipment, while preventing them from importing anything in the states- United, with the warning of President Donald Trump himself that Huawei devices can be used for espionage.

Despite the ban on the American market and despite the potential charges of spying, Huawei deployed its 5G network infrastructure throughout Southeast Asia, thus dismissing all the damage caused to the company during the telephone war.. The Philippines and Thailand will be the first to try the network and new technologies.

Huawei denied all the accusations made by the United States and its president regarding the use of its technology by China to spy on countries. The vice-president of Huawei, Mr. Edward Zhou, made a statement about the United States against China Phone Wars last Sunday, during the Association of Southeast Asians, and said:

The Dangerous History of Transatlantic Steamship Travel - IT'S HISTORY
“China and the United States are now in the trade war and there is also a kind of technological war (on which) Huawei is very concentrated at the moment. We are here to support ASEAN in the development of 5G. There are no cybersecurity problems for us. Nothing proves that the United States say that ”- Edward Zhou.

This new generation technology will be used to help the economy, trade, education and all other sectors of the areas mentioned. This will improve trade, transport and information flows at the local level, since Huawei has already invested more than $ 5 billion to test and set up the new network. Thailand was one of the first to welcome it with open arms and allowed Huawei to set up its test center in a large university near Bangkok, the country’s capital.

This news is considered a blow to the United States, because Thailand and the Philippines were historic allies with the United States, but chose not to participate in the surveillance and the prohibitions imposed on the products of the company issued by President Trump. However, Vietnam retired from Huawei and chose to deploy the reception wagon for Ericsson and the Nokia 5G technological networks.

Baumgarts plan without Özcan

Özcan plays a strong season (Anthony Modeste average: 2.98), is absolutely set for Cologne. In the 3-1 win on the last match day against Bielefeld, however, the midfielder picked up his fifth yellow card and will therefore be missing in Augsburg. At the press conference on Thursday, Baumgart revealed how he wants to absorb the failure: “We will play with Flaco (Ellyes Skhiri, Note. It is still open who, alongside Tony (Anthony Modeste, Note, ed.) The second storm tip.

The most likely appears that Jan Thielmann will be the second tip alongside Modeste. In any case, Sebastian Andersson, who still trains individually after his Corona infection, is not yet an option. “It is not easy to say when he will come back. We hope for next week, but I also want to see that 100 percent everything fits again. With everyone, the course is different. Basically, we hope that we hope that we can still use it in the last two games, “said Baumgart.

There was better news from Captain Jonas Hector, who, after his laceration, who has suffered against Bielefeld, has already fully trained with the team twice. “We assume that he will be on the pitch again as normal on Saturday,” the coach prize.

“You defend well and intensely”

And then the next step towards Europe should be taken towards Europe. The Cologne team are currently in seventh place and in lurk position. In the end, however, that space for a European competition could also be sufficient. First of all, for Baumgart & Co. Augsburg, which on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Anthony Modeste) can calculate the relegation with a win. “This is a duel -strong team that does not always come through possession of the ball. They act very well and aggressively on the second ball. They defend well and intensive. We want to play a good game there and get a good result,” the coach made it clear clear.

Baumgart is not worried when you look at the summer

Какие иностранные бумаги застрянут в Альфа-банке? // Наталья Смирнова

With a threesome, the next step would be taken in a great season. The Cologne team drew attention to themselves, and the players are of course on the piece of paper with one or the other club. The coach cannot be worried about it. “I don’t worry about dangers or anything, otherwise I would be out of place. It’s about the last three games and a big goal that we have now made public,” said Baumgart in terms of European hopes. “Then it goes on vacation, then discussions take place. One or the other may go somewhere else, one or the other is coming. I see no dangers, these are things that belong in football. When players get offers, this is yes also confirmation of our work. “

Fortuna Düsseldorf pulls the purchase option for Tanaka

Ao Tanaka and Fortuna Düsseldorf continue their cooperation. The red-whites pulled the purchase option for the 23-year-old, who had been on loan from J-League Club Kawasaki since last summer for the Fortunes. The Japanese played 26 league games in the current season (Kawasaki note: 3.53) – recently under coach Daniel Thioune, he developed more and more into a regular player and was in five of the past six games over the full distance on the field. The second division team did not provide any information about the transfer modalities.

We are convinced that AO has not yet arrived at the end of its development.

Klaus Allofs

F95-Pressekonferenz | Hannover 96 vs. Fortuna Düsseldorf | 2021/22 | Thioune vor #H96F95

Accordingly, the Düsseldorfers are responsible for the fact that the central midfielder has signed a contract until 2025: “AO Tanaka has developed into an important part of our team in recent months. We are convinced that AO has not yet arrived at the end of its development And we will have a lot of fun in him in the next few years, “will be the board of directors Sport and Communication Klaus Allofs in the club announcement.

Tanaka, who scored his only second division hit in the home game against Hansa Rostock so far, “felt very well received in Düsseldorf from day one”. Fortuna is only the second club of its entire career. The Tanaka born in Kawasaki already played for his home club Kawasaki Frontale in his youth and celebrated his J-League debut there in 2018. With his youth club, he became Japanese champion in 2018 and 2020.

Fire f around: Christian Ilzer probably also storm next season

Christian Ilzer’s success at SK Sturm is evident – after the 2-1 home win against Red Bull Salzburg, the Styrians are already runner -up. But that also arouses desires. If it goes to Ilzer’s consultant, the 44-year-old also coaches the Grazer next season.

In the past few days, Christian Ilzer has been associated with a farewell from Graz. Not for the first time, his name falls regularly in Germany and Switzerland.

But there is nothing specific, his consultant Christian Sand in the krone: “It is definitely the plan that Chris will be a storm coach in the coming season. After all, he did not extend his contract until 2024 because of only last year. ”Rumors about a farewell are rather a“ disturbance ”. Nache: “At the moment everything is quiet, something extraordinary would have to open up to make considerations.”

Christian Ilzer: “Are not yet at Zenit”

After the final whistle against Red Bull Salzburg-Sturm fixed the Champions League qualification with a 2-1 win-Ilzer also confirmed at SKY himself that his mission in Graz has not yet ended: “We have now reached a great level, But are not yet at the zenith and can further develop and make things better. “

You shouldn’t forget to look at the rearview mirror: “But it is also important to keep this level. The competition in Austria is great and there are other clubs that also have this claim. But now we will celebrate properly. Then we want End the season properly and prepare us for the new season as best as possible. Then it is important to realize our next goals. “

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Ilzer couldn’t be happier with his team: “I am incredibly proud of the troop. We have great leaders, a fantastic character and of course the necessary quality to win games. If you are in second place at the end of a season behind Salzburg Are you best-of-the-rest and that’s an incredible compliment to my team. “

FC Bayern missed sensation against Barca

Bayern Munich’s basketball players missed another surprise against the Euroleague title favorite FC Barcelona and stand with their backs to the wall.

The team of coach Andrea Trinchieri lost the third quarter -final game in his own hall with 66:75 (31:49) on Wednesday and is now 1: 2 in the “Best of Five” series. On Friday (8:45 p.m./MagentaEuroleague) Barca in game four in Munich has his first match ball.

The winner of the duel moves into the final Four in Belgrade (May 19 to 21) and meets Real Madrid in the semi -finals. In the previous year, the Bavarians were the first German team to reach the European premier class playoffs. At the time, in the quarter -finals against Armani Milan after five games.

FC Bayern asleep the start

In the selling out Audi Dome, Barcelona started two wildly after the surprising 75:90 home bankruptcy in game and was already 18: 5 after almost five minutes. With the support of the fans, the Bavarians fought their way into play over a better defensive, at Barca the litters no longer fell as a matter of course.

But the concentrated guests around the well -laid out Nikola Mirotic (25 points) brought their greater individual quality to the floor with the exception of the third quarter (18:10 for Bavaria). With Bayern, who had their top scorer in Vladimir Lucic (17), it was particularly difficult with the three -year quota of almost 17 percent.

Mirotic fires Barca past Bayern! | Playoffs Game 3, Highlights | Turkish Airlines EuroLeague

“You have to show a top top top top performance with a lot of concentration and commitment that we have a chance,” Euroleagues director Marko Pesic said before the first home game against Barcelona. The fact that this did not happen was also convincing opponents this time.

Pep Guardiolas special thanks to Stones and Fernandinho

After the first eleven minutes, you could get the impression that Manchester City would give the Champions League record winner a lesson. But Real Madrid is blessed these days with unmatched tender qualities in Europe, which in the end even brought the royal to a decent starting point. A 4: 3 for the Skyblues stood on the scoreboard after 90 gripping minutes.

“From my experience, in order to win this competition, you have to simply survive such unexpected situations,” said Guardiola at the press conference and pushed after: “It could have been a better result, but that’s just real. We played very well. “

Unquipitly, Mancity had just aggressively caused spectacle that in the end it was only four of their own goals, was only attributable to the poor exploitation of opportunities. Guardiola commented on Guardiola-Art that Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said that Madrid put on the final with a better defense with a better defense: “I always agree.”

I want to say THANK YOU to John Stones & Fernandinho | Man City 4-3 Real Madrid | Pep Guardiola

Of course, the Catalans worried that his team had left such great opportunities with regularity. It was only reminded of the 26th minute, in which Riyad Mahrez thundered the ball despite two good play stations from an acute angle. Guardiola was completely out of her own in the seconds, fervently screamed at the outdoor Mahrez and could hardly calm down.

It sounded very different in the press room. “We won’t complain about the result,” said Guardiola: “I am proud and incredibly satisfied.” Nobody could say “that we didn’t show very good football”.

Guardiola: “Maybe we even have to increase…”

Guardiola knows that in Bernabeu, where PSG and Chelsea already despaired this season, another challenge is waiting: “In Bernabeu, we have to play at least like this again. Maybe we even have to increase to move into the final. This competition demands this from you.”

Hanging heads are inappropriate after a 4: 3 in the Champions League against Real. “We have to go to Madrid raised,” said Mancity’s head coach.

Guardiola sent a special greeting to two part -time workers in the right -back position. The stricken John Stones, actually a central defender, had to cancel after 36 minutes, for him, Routinier Fernandinho, actually six, who wants to leave the Skyblues in summer.

I knew he would do it well.

Pep Guardiola about Fernandinho

“I would like to thank Stones for trying it,” said Guardiola: “And I would like to thank Fernandinho, who only played as a full -back once.” The Brazilian appeared in particular between the 53rd and 55th minute. First he caught a ball towards Vinicius Junior and flanked brilliantly on Phil Foden, which marked the 3-1. Then Fernandinho fell on a finth of his compatriot and could no longer stop Vinicius Junior on the way to 2: 3.

“It is extremely difficult to control Vinicius junior,” Guardiola said afterwards in front of Fernandinho: “But he is such an important player for us. I knew that he would do it well.” Sometimes Fernandinho did well. Whether Guardiola “lets go” in the second leg on Vinicius Junior can at least be questioned.

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