After a strong first round, Leroy Sané prevails at FC Bayern currently a trailer. Chef Trainer Julian Nagelsmann was apparently dissatisfied with the training services of his offensive player. Due to this, the 34-year-old is said to have folded his protégé before gathered team.

As “teams picture” reported, Nagelsmann moved to the team in recent weeks to the team. Before 1: 1 against Bayer Leverkusen, there was apparently at the beginning of March to a bang. Accordingly, Nagelsmann collapsed his players in the circle. The Munich exercise leader should have practiced hard criticism of Sané.

“Leroy: If you do not have a goat, you can go back again,” Nagelsmann peered the 26-year-old according to the teams magazine. The Bayern coach was probably dissatisfied with the previously shown training services Sanés.

The stability showed effect: In the subsequent eighth-final return match in the Champions League, the offensive man against RB Salzburg showed an appealing idea. Sané could even enter the 7-1 canteen victory even in the scorer list.

Nagelsmann strengthens Sané at FC Bayern

But as a whole, Sané does not work at the FC Bayern currently on its strong appearances from the first round. Publicly Nagelsmann strengthened the wing player last but always his back.

“Basically, he is a player I’m reluctant to do anything because he has the quality to decide games,” said the head coach in front of the Salzburg game about Sané and added: “Even if he does not have his best constitution, he enjoys Our trust. “

Leroy Sané: Erstes Training beim FC Bayern
Sané has already completed 36 compulsory games for FC Bayern in the current season. The German national player reaches 14 goals and 15 assists. In the season end spurt, it will also arrive on Sané. With his announcement Nagelsmann wanted to sharpen the senses of the ex-Schalke again.