A weekend in Barcelona Tomas Oral is currently. But that his long-standing co-trainer Mark Fotheringham in Berlin is currently causing headlines, even to Catalonia penetrated. Felix Magath (Coronavirus infection) is in the hotel in quarantine, Foteringham represents him on Saturday (15.30 clock) in the Berlin Olympic Stadium against the TSG Hoffenheim an der Page line.

They had Mark Fotheringham in Karlsruhe and Ingolstadt as co-trainer at their side. Has Felix Magath made a good choice with him, Mr. Oral?

Absolutely. This fits in the combination and also in the constellation in Berlin as the fist on the eye. There is no guarantee that the mission is successful at the end, especially since new resistors as now the coronavirus infection of Felix Magath. But you have to break these resistance. Both are the right ones for that.

What distinguishes Foteringham?

I appreciate him extraordinary because he is a very honest, straightforward and loyal guy. He is also highly top. Mark was a six as a player and has been analyzed as a professional as a trainer and looked over the box. He is through and through footballer. He loves the game and reads it very, very good. And he has a wide shoulder. Players know exactly when and where they can come to him.

How much responsibility did he have under them?

At the KSC, that was the beginnings at the time, because I had another co-coach and brought mark slowly. In Ingolstadt he had a lot of personal responsibility. The red thread was always there, but he had many freedoms he designed very well.

How much friction was there?

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Of course we were different views. He has a clear opinion he represents. He is always about the matter. Anyone who surrounds themselves as a coach only with Ja-Sagers makes anything wrong anyway.

How does he tick as a guy?

He is very earthed and as a triple father an absolute family man. And he is now almost more German than Scot.

Do you trust the head coach roll in the professional football or need it again soon as co-coach?

Both! At the moment it would probably be a tick too early for him, but sometime will Mark Chef Trainer. He can give himself some time. Because I definitely have the intention of bringing him back to my next station as a co-trainer (laughs).