The FC Schalke 04 hopes under the new coach Mike Büskens in the fight for the ascent to a happy end. Nevertheless, the plans are running in the scarce in all directions.

“It is completely clear that one plans twin-tracky,” Bückeschef Rouven Schröder said on Thursday at the press conference before the game against Hannover 96: “Now we can not say in which league we play next season. We are still relaxed because We started late in this season to implement things. The planning runs, that’s all in the background. We work hardly, “he continued.

Even before the question of new players, however, the focus on the season finale, Schröder warned. “The TRUMPF must be that we stay with us. The game against Hanover is the game we need to do next,” says former Mainz.

S04-PK vor Hannover | FC Schalke 04

FC Schalke 04: Bücke refuses comparisons

Around 96 Schalke will for the first time under Interim Trainer Büsken, who had missed the last game against Ingolstadt still because of a corona infection. The Eurofighter of 1997, however, did not want to talk about his person before the game.

He also decided to compare with predecessor Dimitrios Grammozis: “Let’s stop with any comparisons. I have my kind. But let’s not compare, that’s not it.”

Additional tailwind is likely to give the narrow a full arena. By eliminating the audience limitation, the stadium can be filled with the full capacity again: “Return to a full arena, is awesome. Football lives from emotions and we know what that can do,” says Büskens, but also in front of a strong opponent warned.

“You have a goalkeeper who has worn the national team jersey. This is a team that has more quality than your table spot says,” says Büskens.

All statements from the PK of FC Schalke 04 for reading:

+++ Bücke via Pálsson +++

“I talked to him – also several times. He is perfect in the group. Even if he was not in the starting one last week, he gave much energy to the team. We know what we got about him. We always have it A healthy exchange. “

+++ Bücke via Lode +++

“There is also to say that Norwegians have a completely different season rhythm. He did not come from a process of permanent competition now. They also have a different game culture. Each player needs his time to arrive.”

+++ Schröder over the rental player +++

“Contact is definitely given, that always hangs together with the situation. We have the complete overview. But it’s too early to give the stand now.”

+++ Schröder via the squad planning +++

“Anyone who decides for Schalke also knows the claim of the association. We need all players. If you are a step further, then you are already too far. Of course you speak, but I do not feel that there’s somebody? Thoughts power. We need the group and we will not have the budget in the noured season to swap the whole team. We are looking for players we find for both leagues. “

+++ Bücke via RANFTL +++

“He will definitely belong to the squad. He has proved that he can play at a European level. He belonged to the district of the national team. We talk about a player who has quality. That he still has air is clear. He has It in itself, he has to get out. With the conviction he has to go to the field. “

+++ Bücke over a short training warehouse +++

“There are clubs in England, where you use such measures. We have more than a handful of players traveling with the national teams. So we work with a smaller group, which would not make sense.”

+++ Schröder about the question of number one +++

“Everything is really good guys who all have to prove themselves. Now with the new coach and new goalkeeper trainer. Everyone has a goal and must hold together as a group to the end. The calls are gradually run. The boys are guided well. “

+++ Schröder via the league belonging +++

“I really do not have. Last year, I’ve had arrested late. It is completely clear that one plans two-track. Of course, there is certain key figures. There will also be a result, where we fully identify us. The view goes up. We have something to do. “

+++ Schröder about the search for new players +++

“It is perfectly clear that the club is talking to the player in the recruitment. Now we can not say in which league we play next season. We are still relaxed because we started late in this season, The planning runs, that’s all in the background. We work hardly. ”

+++ Schröder over the new sponsors +++

“A big compliment to the settlement. That we have dealt with the situations so. That we have received a lot of ride in sponsoring. It also shows that we have a great attractiveness. We are satisfied with what we have.”

+++ Schröder via a Terodde extension +++

“If the Simon makes a good game and meets the gate, then I’m happy. If we have something to announce, then we do that. Important is the performance in the square.”

+++ Schröder via the ascent race +++

“The trump must be that we stay with us. The game against Hanover is the game we need to accomplish as next. Our claim is to win this game. That’s why the high focus on us and on the game on Saturday and then we will play the role. “

+++ Schröder about working in isolation +++

“One leads a lot of strategic and structural conversations: the view towards the summer. Therefore, it was away from the daily business. There are also topics like cadre management.”

+++ Schröder via Zalazar +++

“He has incredibly quickly identified in this club. He loves to play on Schalke. So a player needs the audience. I believe for such a player there is not more beautiful. He is one of the players who get a full arena more As inhibits.

+++ Schröder via the fan return +++

“It’s a bit more money in the coffers. But I think about the Bücke in the first place. This value to have a full arena: for us there is not more beautiful. We are very, very early that it is so.”

+++ Bücke over the fan return +++

“Return to a full arena is awesome. Football lives from emotions and we know what this can do. We are looking forward to it and are grateful to humans, which allow us to complete the stadium again. But that should not lead to it that we will become headless. We will have moments where we want to act, where we want to stress. But that must not lead to we become wild. “

+++ Bücke over Zalazar +++

“That means he has implemented exactly what we have asked for him. That we have to develop more goal of goal over the midfield. This shows what potential he has. But we also have to demand that and want to see that.”

+++ Bücke via the system question +++

“We always keep ourselves very too much in which formations we play. Do not let us talk about it every time. There are moments, because you may build with three players. You have moments where you may make a striker cant. Do not let us fix on a system. You always have moments where you perform about one or the other set screw in other formations. “

+++ Bücke via Hannover +++

“We already have a team that has proven that they can play outstanding football. They have proper qualities with backside in front, they have fast players looking for the TempoDribbling. They have Kerk, who pulls the threads behind the tips. You have a goalkeeper who has worn the national team jersey. This is a team that has more quality than your table spot says. “

+++ Bücke about the differences +++

“I’ve been told last week: Let’s stop with any comparisons. I have my kind. But let’s not compare, that’s not it.”

+++ Bücke via Vindheim +++

“Then we hope he can join parts during the international game break and that we will get him back to play for the last seven players of the season. But we will not take a risk. He had a muscle injury with a tendon participation. That’s why we had to Always expect that he fails for so long. “

+++ Bücke about the staff +++

“You have experienced it live on site. Malick Thiaw had to stop the workout. But it’s something that makes us so great worries. We hope that he can get into training tomorrow. He has only treated himself today, but We assume that he is back tomorrow. Blendi Idrizi, that was a little evil. What you have seen that Salif has coinced and also Thomas. We will see how they are reacting, but we are confident Are you options for the squad. “

+++ Let’s go +++

In these minutes, the PK starts from Gelsenkirchen. The same information about the FC Schalke 04 comes first-hand!

+++ The same expect Mike Büskens and Rouven Schröder on the podium +++

It starts soon!

+++ Bücke for the first time boss on the Schalke side line +++

At the 3-0 success in Ingolstadt last Sunday, Mike Büskens was still represented by his assistant Matthias Kreutzer. On Saturday, the ex-profi is now mainly responsible for the first time this season on the Schalker Bank. The “Eurofighter” in the past was already twice interim coach of the royal blue.

Against Hannover, he now wants to continue the project for a halt. Schalke is in the table currently rank five and has four points behind a rise place. And since there are five (!) Direct duels with other rising contenders on the program, the scares have everything in their hands.

+++ FC Schalke reduces liabilities +++

During the week, there were a positive news from the Financial Department on Schalke: The second division was able to reduce its liabilities in 2021 by 33.5 million euros. This shrank from around 217 million to 183.5 million euros.

The consolidated result was a loss of 17.8 million euros, which was well below the minus of the previous year of 52.6 million euros. Meanwhile, sales fell from 174.7 million to 167.1 million euros.

Finanz proceedings Christina Rühl-Hamers was satisfied: “In the second round 2020/2021 we could not sell a single ticket because of the Covid-19 restrictions, after the descent, despite severe declining revenue, had a historically unique cadre farming and at the same time the economic ability to act receive the association. “