The descent of NBA recordmaster Los Angeles Lakers does not end. The team around Superstar LeBron James cashed on Wednesday evening (local time) a 104: 124 at the Minnesota Timberwolves and thus already the 16th

Defeat in the past 21 games. After the eleventh outward defeat in series, the team has only a tight advantage in rank ten.

Is it Time for the Los Angeles Lakers to SHUT DOWN Lebron James and Anthony Davis?

From Rank elf, there is no chance on the qualifications more on the playoffs. For the third time in series, the Glamor team of the league was also in residue with more than 25 points – that was never in the NBA for a team with James in the squad.

“My patience will be put on the test more than in the years before, just because of the way we play,” James said.

The Lakers also got pressure through the 122: 120 victory of the San Antonio Spurs against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Spurs are currently rank eleven the Western Conference.

The Dallas Mavericks, however, secured a valuable victory against the Brooklyn Nets. At the last second 103: 111 Kam Luka Doncic came to 37 points, basketball international Maxi Kleber met two important free throws for late leadership and finished the evening with four meters. At the Nets, Kevin Durant had to settle as the best thrower with 23 points.

The Nets are also currently outside the top six conference in the Eastern Conference, which entitle for direct participation in the playoffs. The 114: 118 defeat of the rank six Cleveland Cavaliers against the Philadelphia 76ers therefore helped Nets. At the 110: 88 of the Boston Celtics against the Golden State Warriors, Steph Curry injured his foot and could not continue playing.