Why the Mercedes F1 Car is SO Fast On the Straights | Qatar GP | The F1 Breakdown
“It’s still too early to worry about the World Cup, but at the moment I do not think we’re fighting for victories,” said the Brite on Saturday in Bahrain. Reason for the pessimism of the 37-year-old vice world champion are the mixed impressions in the test drives in the desert state. “That we are not the fastest, is certainly clear,” said Hamilton, who can become the first driver for the eighth time this year. “Ferrari seems to be fastest, and maybe Red Bull and then maybe we or McLaren, we are not at the top right now,” said the former long-distance winner. The current situation feels very different than last year, “Hamilton said,” It does not look so good. ” He sees Mercedes from big challenges to keep up with the competition. “I was told that we have to find a considerable amount of speed,” said Hamilton. That will probably take longer.