Despite his age of his age, Jude Bellingham belongs to the family forces at Borussia Dortmund. The good performances of the young Englishman have already made international top clubs attention to the midfielder. But Bellingham has apparently already given the BVB a promise.

Since summer 2020, Jute Bellingham laces the football boots for Borussia Dortmund. Impressive 80 games has already completed the English international for the black yellow. He reaches ten gates and 16 templates. Hardly surprising that, according to rumors, the 18-year-old was already courted by Real Madrid, the FC Liverpool and other top clubs in Europe.

But for Bellingham, who extended his contract until the last summer until 2025, a premature farewell is not an issue despite the flattering interest so far. According to information from “picture”, the Briton is to have already given the BVB responsible for his commitment to definitely want to play for the Dortmunder Borussia in the coming season.

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At the beginning of the year, Bellingham had already made the black-yellow matching a declaration of love and said, “The BVB is the best club for me and my development. I would even say: For me, there is no better around the world!”

Bellingham-Motzanfall ensures displeasure

Bellingham, in July 2020, had come for after all 23 million euros from the English second division Birmingham City and then developed rapidly. In the current season, under coach Marco Rose belongs to the supports in the BVB team.

That Bellingham last sometimes shot out of the target, for example, by playing players Nico Schulz on the field after several miscalculations open (“You are damned Sch ***”) will forgive him from his coach.

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“Jude wants to win games and is angry, that makes him out. Of that, we really need more,” Rose said last. In the cabin, however, Bellingham’s motzanfall is seen a little more critical.

Through his research, the tenfold international would be the BVB cabin “a bit of far columns”, it was even with “Jude 1”. Bellingham, with his behavior, is also “tremendous on the spirit”, also registered the portal.