anime has become a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed all over the world. Each new season offers us that are capable of captivating all kinds of public, and that includes people who want to become sailors in the United States, or at least I want to ask us a publicity that used the government of this country.

Recently, the user known as @Sinecuris shared an image of a recruitment campaign for the Marine Corps of the United States, where we can see Violet Evergarden, from the homonymous anime , but dressed as a member of this group military.

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This is anime version:

The original illustration is based on an image dating from the First World War, which was used between 1914 and 1918. For its part, the anime version was created by the artist known as Eromoeba , who in September 2020 He was commissioned with this commission, and eventually shared in his profile of Deviant Art.

This is the original:

On related topics, so terrifying are the new Titans of attack on titan. In the same way, Fire Force reached its end, and so the last chapter was held.

Editor’s note:

This is a job well d1. Eromoeba managed to combine greatly the world of anime and the military. However, what is most highlighted that some director chose this work to make young people join the US Marine Corps.