Since last year that has been rumored about the existence of a remaster of Bloodborne for PLAYSTATION 5 , as well as a port for PC. Considering that this game was not so well in a PlayStation 4 , it would make sense that its authors would like to release it again optimized for new hardware, although according to a reliable insider, this is not within the plans of * fromSoftware * .

According to omnipotent , an insider that has previously been very clever as to their setbacks of fromSoftware games, is more likely to Bloodborne Have a direct sequel instead of a possible remake or Remaster for ps5 . In the words of him own:

FromSoftware Insider Says Nothing Bloodborne Related Coming (No Remaster, Remake, Port)

“Never say never, but it is definitely more likely that Bloodborne has a sequel. In all my time as I insider I have been aware of many of the things that fromSoftware has worked, including Sekiro and Elden Ring, but also the Remake of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls Remastered, metal Wolf Chaos, deracine, and things that have not yet announced. I do not have all the details, and there are things that I have listened most often than others, but I have never arrived information about Bloodborne, even when I was looking for it with different sources, and for many years. Sequel, Remaster, PC port, or even a patch. I have not heard anything like that, at least not from my reliable sources. “

omnipotent does not rule out the possibility that Information about it, while in the other games of the company it did. We will have to wait, although a sequel of Bloodborne would not be bad either.

Editor’s note: Of course I would love to return to Yharnam once more, especially with improved graphs, but if fromSoftware considers that the best thing for the IP is a sequel, then forward. For me, Bloodborne is the best you have made fromSoftware, and any project related to this saga excites me.