They Literally Found $100,000+ Of Video Games....!
GameRoom , a video game reseller, recently encountered hundreds of games of sega and nintendo sealed, which were simply abandoned in a warehouse at Nebraska, United States. Apparently, all these Games had stayed there after a local store will close its doors over there 1994.

In the video that we share you up here we can see gameRoom Showing some of the rare games of the collection, including Chrono Trigger in SNES , which is valued at $ 2 thousand 400 dollars. Of SNES We also see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time , valued at a thousand 400 dollars, Final Fantasy II at one thousand 200 dollars, and Sunset Riders at $ 750.

According to GamesRoom , no additional information about the total value of the collection until everything has been preserved and documented. It is worth noting that, if they manage to get official classifications for all these games, the value for some of them could double, triple or until quadruplices.

Last year, the opposite happened after a collector throws a bag in the trash with a value of $ 80 thousand dollars. Everything to save space.

Editor’s note: Video game collecting can be a fairly lucrative hobby, but it is important to keep the states of impeccable games. Of course, there is someone who collects without being thinking necessarily in selling them, but in case you have an old man and in good condition, it may be worthwhile to keep it that way.