As surely you know, the movie of Uncharted will be only the beginning for all the cinematographic and television projects that PlayStation has under the sleeve. We already know that ghost of tsushima will have its own film, in addition to a series of twisted metal is also under development. Now, the Japanese firm has shown us the animation we will see projected on the screen before all these productions.

PlayStation Productions Opening Animation
Via social networks, we have been shown how the new animation of PLAYSTATION PRODUCTIONS will be that as it said before, it will be present in each of the company’s projects:

In this animation we can see many iconic characters of PLAYSTATION , such as Kratos, Aloy, Ratchet and Clank, Joel and Ellie, Nathan Drake and Jin Sakai. This does not necessarily say that all those franchises go to Receive your own adaptation to cinema or television, although maybe this animation hides a couple of interesting tracks.

Editor’s note: Sony is very seriously with all this to take your franchises to other media. Uncharted’s film may not have the results that their producers expected, but we must also give them the benefit of doubt. It will be a matter of seeing if Sony manages to raise its quality for future projects at the cinema and TV.