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Free COD alternative impresses Roblox

ROBLOX games are actually known for their colorful and youth friendly optics, a coming shooter wants to change this but apparently. Like Call of Duty, the project Frontlines focuses on realistic graphics and violence – which does not rightly match the game platform.

A ROBLOX developer provides a brief video from its current shooter project for a stir. The community is shown by the surprisingly realistic graphic impressed and wants to see from the uncommon call of-duty alternative more.

Frontlines: Call of Duty times very different

ROBLOX developers and Twitter users 1231551 shows the community with a short gameplay video , which is graphically possible on the Game platform of Roblox. The textures and the light are also impressive when repeated.

The gameplay video comes from a publicly accessible beta test and shows a short firefight with a kill cam. It is particularly noticeable that were designed as realistic the weapons and environments were as possible – but the avatars are still the classic Roblox figures. The commentators on Twitter do not seem to be bothered – the reactions to the video are mostly very positive and praise above all the graphic performance.

Roblox: Is the free shooter youth free?

While the graphics of frontlines is quite remarkable, the content is still for question marks – because ** The COD-like shooter does not seem to be a youth free of youth. ROBLOX has received the USK state in Germany from 12 years – but alone the bloodstained camera does not fit into this age group. The realistic armory use also seems inappropriate.

This game is too realistic for roblox..
FRONTLINES is still in development at the Developer Team Studio Maximillian. Whether regarding the age release, restrictions of ROBLOX must be initiated, but it is probably not likely. The game platform has no positive balance ** in particular in dealing with young users. Recently, reports were known to announce the blatant abuses in the development of Roblox games. (Source: Giga)

We show you the must-plays in March in the video:

FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller trains the day of quarantine

Thomas Müller has released from his Corona quarantine on Sunday and has appeared immediately at the Säbener Straße for training. Felix Magath compared the situation at his ex-Club FC Bayern Munich with Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. There are news and rumors to the FCB.

Here is the news and rumors from the previous day

Thomas Müller trains the day of quarantine discharge

Thomas Müller has released from his Corona quarantine on Sunday and has appeared immediately at the Säbener Straße for training. Previously, he had been examined by the team physicians according to _ image_.

According to the report, Müller completed a 45-minute construction training with fitness boss Holger Broich. For Müller it was already the second corona infection. Even after his first quarantine before exactly one year, he already trained on the day of dismissal.

FC Bayern: Felix Magath sees parallel to Manchester United

Felix Magath has compared the situation with his ex-Club FC Bayern Munich with Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Manchester United has the same problem as the Bavarians: a man has led the club over many decades and made great, so he will always be the contact person for many in the club,” said Magath in the Talk broadcast Sky90. “That’s why he also determines what happens there after his departure. Only not officially.”

Since Hoeneß ‘farewell as President in the fall of 2019, FC Bayern won after all the triple and another championship title. United, on the other hand, is waiting for a championship title since Ferguson has cleared the coaching office in 2013. Currently, the 80-year-old Scot acts as a member of the Executive Board.

Click here for the detailed message.

FCB transfers: Bavaria loses his noble joker?

This is Thomas Müller
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FC Bayern: The upcoming games

Appointment Competition opponent
Saturday, 05.03., 15.30 Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen (Home)
Tuesday, 08.03., 9 pm Champions League RB Salzburg (home)
Saturday, 12.03., 3:30 pm Bundesliga TSG Hoffenheim (Away)

Hertha BSC: Bobic gives coach Korkut Jobgarantie to season end

Sports Managing Director Fredi Bobic by Hertha BSC has exhibited coach Tayfun Korkut until seasonal end a job guarantee.

He has “no desire for actionism,” said Bobic in the double pass of Sport1: “At the end of the season, a crash is made. Then we sit together and see if it goes on. Tayfun is an excellent football teacher.” The belief in him is great. “

The double pass every Sunday from 11 o’clock live on sport1.

Corkut could be a coach “to prevent individual mistakes difficult, and we make too many of them,” the 50-year-old led out: “If the points are missing, it is quickly felt at the coach. But Tayfun reaches the team with a clear plan. And he reaches Do not mess around, trying to get the optimum out. ” The Hertha had lost 0: 3 on Saturday at the SC Freiburg, in the table lies the old lady only a place in front of the descent zone.

He has “not to 1000 percent the feeling” that all players had accepted the relegation battle. He still recognizes certain “egoisms, despite the difficult sporting situation in the team, led the 50-year-old. It will now be filtered out, “who is the right for this situation. Only the one who is fully marching,” should play: “Names are no matter.”

He had “not intended” in his change to Hertha, at that time in this situation, Bobic continued: “That was not planned, we did not top perform.”

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The reasons are “diverse and deeper”. As a central factor, he made the lack of continuity of the past years. The “not good for a club, just a traditional club like us, wherever the mood is,” said the former attacker.

The new PS5 function allows users to share catches through the PLAYSTATION application

The PlayStation 5 has many features that are worth exploring, but since its launch, you have not managed to offer an easy and convenient way for people to share their captured media through the PLAYSTATION application. However, that is changing this week, since PlayStation announced its plans on Wednesday to allow people to share their screenshots and game clips much more easily through the PlayStation application on mobile devices. This feature is now active, but only in certain regions and there will be more to come as the characteristic is expanded.

On the PlayStation Support page, there is a full publication dedicated to this topic that will make it easier to start sharing your means. The function is available in Japan, Canada, and is “gradually implemented in the Americas”, so if it is outside those areas, wait for the function eventually.

However, before starting to share, you must first enable the function. To do so, you must ensure you have linked your PlayStation 5 console to the PlayStation application that you downloaded on an Android device or iOS. After doing so, you should make sure to leave the PlayStation 5 in rest mode, not completely off, so that it is connected to the Internet. Look for the “Library” option in its application and then the “Capture” configuration and change it to “Enable” to take care of that.

Then, he will go to his console PlayStation 5 and go to the section “Media Gallery”. You should see an invitation there that asks you to enable automatic loads, but if you do not, you can find it in the settings in “Catches and Transmissions” and then “Captures” with an option of automatic loading that is there.

Once you have finished, your catches should be loaded automatically and see in the PLAYSTATION application. Inside the application, you can download and share the content from there.

There are some warnings to keep in mind when doing all this. The content can not be loaded manually, so the automatic load is its only option. The content that includes clips and screenshots that are loaded in this way will only remain in the application for 14 days after they were created in the PlayStation 5 console, and you will not charge for trophies or activity challenges in this way.

Conference League: Does Rapid have to ran against Vitesse in the hall?

For the players of the SK Rapid, the awayivism against Vitesse Arnheim on Thursday (21:00 clock) could become a special experience in a closed stadium. Does Vitesse Arnhem attract the stadium roof against Rapid on Thursday? The Gelredome in Arnhem is considered a modern stadium. Find space 21,500 spectators. And especially good is the acoustics when the roof is closed. “The stadium is really cool, as it feels like in a hall. It does not echo, there is no echo,” enthuses Vitesse legionnaire Adrian Grbic in the Krone. “For this purpose, it is practical that it will never be cold with the roof to be made. Then the jacket and gloves are pulled off while warming up.” Articles and videos about the topic * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. “Mostly is great atmosphere,” finds Grbic. “Our fans are really cool. When they celebrated in Nijmegen in October in Nijmegs with their team, a part of the tribune collapsed. Luckily there were no injured.”

MLS-Star Mukhtar lives its dream in the US

Hany Mukhtar Goals, Assists & Skills MLS 2021
Hany Mukhtar is the highest paid footballer at Nashville SC, last year was the number two when choosing the most valuable professional of the Major League Soccer – and is almost unknown in Germany.

“For me, that’s not that bad. I enjoy life here, that’s really nice. I live my dream, I play in America football. That can not say many of themselves,” said the offensive player of the “German Press Agency” Before the start of the season at the weekend with the kick-off in Seattle. “Many say it’s a boring league and a league for older people. I do not see that, I can further develop here.”

The fact that Mukhtar is largely unknown in Germany is because the MLS is still awesome especially if a great name changes from European football – see Bastian Schweinsteiger, Zlatan Ibrahimovic or David Beckham. The league has another claim, 2026 the US is with Canada and Mexico WM hosts. Although professionals are still coming rather on the target in their career as well as recently ex-Bundesliga-Profi Xherdan Shaqiri, who went to Chicago Fire. But increasingly there are also stories like those of Alphonso Davies.

Mukhtar played in the youth of Hertha BSC

The outer defender from Canada was still a special case with the change from the MLS to FC Bayern Munich. The transfers of Ricardo Pepi to FC Augsburg, Kevin Paredes to the VfL Wolfsburg and George Bello to Arminia Bielefeld in the German winter break are all signals for the Bundesliga as other European top leagues the MLS now recognizes as a pool for talents that are can develop in North America. This in turn helps with the attractiveness of players like Mukhtar, who won after his training in the Youth of Hertha BSC Title in Portugal, Austria and Denmark and is in the best footballer age at 26 years.

The Berliner sees the abilities for the great European leagues, but does not feel pressure. “I am convinced that I have the potential to play in Europe. If it has to be? No, I feel good here. I can continue playing my career here, so I have no problem at all,” he said. “It’s a very, very exciting league, very attractive football every week and there are many goals. The teams play on victory, you see a lot of talent in the league. She is growing and in the next few years she will be better.”

Star player at Nashville SC

Mukhtar is in Nashville’s players to build the team for two years and benefits from a special role that was once introduced for Beckham. As a so-called “designated player”, his salary is considered only a small part of the upper limit, which must comply with each team and which is about five million dollars. Each team can have a maximum of three professionals in the squad that earn significantly more than the other players.

For Mukhtar, this was $ 1.505 million in the past season – five of his above all younger teammates, however, were only the $ 63,547 minimum wage. “In training or cabin, it is not a big topic with us. At the end of the day that’s an honor and one tries to meet the honor,” said Mukhtar.

Especially in the past season, the professional succeeded by a lot of game wit. In 33 games he came to 19 goals and ten templates, in the MVP election he became second. However, in the quarter-finals on the way to the hoped-for championship after his leadership in the regular playing time, there was also a given trial in penalties and the out of Philadelphia Union about defender Kai Wagner. “That was very, very bitter,” Mukhtar said. Because, “I take that seriously here, I want to get better, I also want to achieve something with the team.”

DFB delegation about Bierhoff again flown to Qatar

Qatar's World Cup 2022 workers: 'We may as well just die here' | Guardian Investigations

The search for a World Cup quarters for the German soccer national team goes into the hot phase. On Tuesday, a DFB delegation cited by Director Oliver Bierhoff traveled again to Qatar to look at potential team quarters and training places in the host site of the Winter World Cup (21st November to 18 December) to Friday and to lead more discussions. “We currently have several options for the team quarters in Qatar, but still no clear tendency,” Bierhoff said, “We want to inform us about the local quarters for another time on the spot.” The working conditions would be included. “Our local contractors need to be measured on established standards and comply with them,” emphasized the DFB Director. In Doha also meetings include Claudius Fischbach, the German Ambassador in Qatar, and representatives of the Qatar Foundation Foundation Foundation.

Marines of the United States use an anime girl to attract recruits

anime has become a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed all over the world. Each new season offers us that are capable of captivating all kinds of public, and that includes people who want to become sailors in the United States, or at least I want to ask us a publicity that used the government of this country.

Recently, the user known as @Sinecuris shared an image of a recruitment campaign for the Marine Corps of the United States, where we can see Violet Evergarden, from the homonymous anime , but dressed as a member of this group military.

Here’s How the Draft Actually Works in the U.S. | NowThis

This is anime version:

The original illustration is based on an image dating from the First World War, which was used between 1914 and 1918. For its part, the anime version was created by the artist known as Eromoeba , who in September 2020 He was commissioned with this commission, and eventually shared in his profile of Deviant Art.

This is the original:

On related topics, so terrifying are the new Titans of attack on titan. In the same way, Fire Force reached its end, and so the last chapter was held.

Editor’s note:

This is a job well d1. Eromoeba managed to combine greatly the world of anime and the military. However, what is most highlighted that some director chose this work to make young people join the US Marine Corps.

OMEN OF SORROW will have versions for PS5 and Switch

Omen of Sorrow Limited Edition Trailer (Switch/PS5)
Eastasiasoft has announced versions for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch from Oman of Sorrow. Developed by the Chilean Aone Games study, OMEN OF SORROW is a fighting game with touches of terror that was originally published for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. These versions will be updated to add changes to the story and most end mode for arcade mode. The versions for PlayStation 5 and Switch will also have a launch in physical format, although with a fairly limited run, which will be two thousand units for the Nintendo Hybrid console, and a thousand for the new generation console of Sony. Regarding PC, the game is currently available at the Epic Games Store, but EastasasOft has revealed that soon it will also be placed on Steam.

Lothar Matthew takes BVB

BVB total! #echteLiebe | TV total

Borussia Dortmund has ensured for some peace in the club environment by the 6-0 ridge victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach for the time being. However, the next directional match is imminent. The pressure on BVB coach Marco Rose is thus still big. Record National Player Lothar Matthäus sees first and foremost the team in the bringing debt.

3: 2, 2: 5, 3: 0, 2: 4, 6: 0: Borussia Dortmund experienced a change in the feelings in the past five competitions. Time to breathe away remains the BVB but not. Already on Thursday (21 clock live at RTL and RTL +) stands for the Black Yellow the Europa League second leg against the Rangers from Glasgow on the program.

The Bundesliga club has to make the 2-4 mortgage from the first duel. If the miracle absent, BVB continues to threaten uncomfortable times. In general, coach Marco Rose currently has to ask many uncomfortable questions. Lothar Matthäus does not see the 45-year-old as a major debt for the youngest crisis.

“As far as this team is concerned, I am rather involved the players and their view of performance,” Matthew defended the BVB coach in his “Sky” column: “I’m sure Marco Rose and his team offer everything When it comes to analyzing the opponent, to give the players the tool to the hand, explain everything to you down to the last detail what you have to do in the square. “

“At the end are adult men on the field…”

If the team does not implement the specifications at regular intervals at all, “then it is not always at the coach,” the TV expert made his view clearly.

At the 6-0 success against Gladbach, BVB showed on Sunday from his positive side. However, there is a lack of Dortmundern on the necessary constancy, as Matthäus held.

“Of course, the coach is asked that a team has to give the feeling that she can do that. But in the end, there are adult men in the field, which must also be ripping themselves at the belt, to deliver at week for week,” analyzed the World Champion of 1990. Matthäus’ conclusion: “Dortmund can do that, but it’s too rare.”

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