Scandal at the derby between Real Bets and the FC Seville: The game in the Copa del Rey was discontinued after Seville player Joan Jordan had been hit by a rod.

After Nail Fakir had balanced the leadership through Pap Gomez (35th) with a directly transformed corner (39.) for the hosts, Jordan suddenly went to the ground in his own penalty area and took his head.

On TV pictures to see how the 27-year-old was hit by a rod. This was allegedly thrown off the grandstand in the direction of the playing field. The referee stood directly next to it and brought the throwing floor, in which it obviously was a plastic part, the sideline. Jordan himself was coming back soon and did not carry any more severe injuries.

The game was initially interrupted after the incident. Both teams first discussed the referee at the sideline about the further procedure, then the teams disappeared in the catacombs. After about three quarters of an hour, the referee spoke that the game will no longer be kicked off.

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How the eighth-final game is considered was initially open. The game could be held on Sunday excluding the public. The Reef condemns all violence on the field, wrote the Spanish Football Association in a statement.