Furthermore, in breakthrough booking page, we are executing a pre-federation employment occasion for the ‘Civil River’ Loyang Palma Program, which will certainly wage a total of 100 million won cash prize after launch.

‘3 Kingdoms erased’ pre-booking can be joined Google Play and also Apple Application Shop, and individual power products gem and SR-grade durability for participant power to support the best development.

For more details, see the official website.

The success of 500,000 per pre-reservation is evaluated by achievement in regarding 2 weeks, as well as the look of the durability revealed by the frustrating graphics and movement capture modern technology that can be confirmed via CBT on last 2 weeks.

Many factories closed | The economy in China is very sluggish and worrying amid a massive lockdown
As the business exceeded 500,000 pre-reserved members, the company will have the ability to further pay additional coins, ability points, gems, and foaming (skins), etc. to participant power.

Actor Games (ACS Games CO., LTD, Representative Lee, Cheng) stated it was located that the variety of pre-reservations in the new mobile strategy game, which is arranged to establish and solution, has attained 500,000 pre-reserved members.

In addition, we plan to pay unique presents, such as Galaxy Z turn 3, Galaxy Watch 4, as well as Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4 and Gaza Rook, etc., total with the main dictionary reservation and also shop pre reservation.

Meanwhile, ‘Three Kingdoms removed’ is going for official launch in the very first half of this year, to lug out CBT for about two weeks from December 29th in 2014, and it remains in progression to enhance the completeness, such as inspecting the security of official services.

‘ 3 Kingdoms WAR’ is a Mobile SLG, which is worked together with the Famous scholar, as well as is established as an unreal 4 engines, and also it flaunts a high critical element such as a sensible background, and also a practical background, and the restraint of the weather condition,