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Rainbow Six Siege: She was esports feature a los ex

After the bad experience with the Latin American Classification to Six Invitational 2022, OTHERS ESPORTS abandoned the competitive scene. Rainbow Six Siege will not have the snakes for the 2022 season of the Mexican championship, marking the end of an era for the local ESports of the Ubisoft game. However, the quintet will remain for a last dance to Sweden.

For some dates, the ex-atheris began to suggest that they were the regional qualifier . While he was postponed since those bitter dates, Ubisoft took the reins of the matter and confirmed that they will be played in Stockholm. It will maintain the study format, but this time will not have the intervention of Paco Esports . Tentatively, all clubs that were in Brazil will play in Europe on January 31 and February 1st. The great unknown was Others Esports, which was no longer in Rainbow Six Siege.

On the morning of January 28, AGAVE ESPORTS announced the star sheets. It will take the position of Others Esports in the Latin American qualifying to Six Invitational 2022. It is an organization founded in June 2020, with general barracks in Guadalajara, Jalisco. They will compete for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege from a stage with great weight for professionals.

AGAVE ESPORTS hired both players and coach in charge of directing them. Under the premise of a “New Esperanza”, the organization of Mexico presented its new team with a video on social networks. “Under new colors, the squad that gave it all returns to look for your pass at Rainbow Six Invitational Six. We will continue the dream, Others Esports ,” he wrote.

The confirmed quintet is as follows:

  • Victor “Versa” Hugo
  • Luis “Guido” Gómez
  • Daniel “Novas” Navy
  • Christopher “Sky” Espinosa
  • Lucca “MAKING” sew

Francisco “Roy” Guille will continue as a coach. The Mexican was about to supply Guido in the qualifier that took place in Brazil, but the situation had the turn we know.

BVB: Irrer Haaland plan of the FC Barcelona revealed

The FC Barcelona wants to read Haaland from Borussia Dortmund despite massive financial problems. In order to be able to realize a transfer in the case of a commitment of the BVB attacker, the Catalans allegedly forge a special plan.

Although the FC Barcelona has experienced athletic as well as economically much better times, the traditional club mixes in advertising around Erlang Haaland. According to “Spot” and “Goal” the club is “obsessed” by a possible commitment of the BVB professionals.

Through the debt mountain of around 1.35 billion euros, costly transfers for Barça are currently as a tricky challenge.

That’s the plan of the FC Barcelona with Erlang Haaland

For Haaland, the table fifth of the Primer Division would set all the levers in motion. Accordingly, the FC Barcelona of the Spanish League has even submitted a model proposal, as the scorer is financed despite the Klubskasse.

For example, the association wants to sell 49 percent to the Barça Studios, its own media production company. Through this potential deal, FC Barcelona is hoping for €100 million.

This sum should then be invested in a Haaland transfer. Allegedly, Align has already appreciated the plan.

BVB: Haaland traded at Real Madrid

However, the Catalans must probably still solve some problems before the implementation of this project and to buy back the image rights to their own professionals.

Subsequently, the shares could be sold to the Barça Studios for the intended sum, it says.

In the advertising around Haaland, Barça on the transfer market would have to prevail against great competition.

Almost all European top clubs have already been associated with the BVB Sniper in recent months – including Barcelona’s Archival Real Madrid.

DFB Bundestag in March in Bonn as a presence event

The 44th ordinary Bundestag of the German Football Chamber is locally relocated because of the Corona Pandemic and is to take place on 11 March now in the Bonn World Conference Center, the DFB-Burittin decided unanimously on an extraordinary presidium meeting.


The DFB Bundestag was originally held in Frankfurt am Main and given the importance and number of decisions to be made, the entire Bureau that the Bundestag is not carried out online, but as a presence event, said. Thus, the delegates should be made possible for direct exchange. In addition, no one should also be excluded due to legal aspects. In Frankfurt am Main, this is not possible from today’s perspective, the specifications see 250 people as a maximum for events in closed rooms. In addition, the 2G rule applies, access have only completely vaccinated or geneses.

The Halo series is about to give us your very first appearance: Day of the initial authorities trailer is confirmed

Prepare, Spartans, the delay is nearly over. Membership in the United States. The battle that will encounter the Cincinnati Bengals and also the Kansas City Chiefs will be Sunday at 2:00 pm, time from Mexico City and also 21 hrs from Madrid. To be a typical football match, half-time will certainly come a hr as well as a fifty percent later.

It deserves bearing in mind that Paramount provided an ephemeral look of the program during the Video game Honors in December, leaving great impressions among the followers of the saga.

It appears a lie that was practically 9 years ago when Xbox introduced the Halo television series and also today we are at evictions of his launching. And also is that Paramount has just advised that it will show the first formal and full progression of the show during the NFL Conference Finals this Sunday.


We desire people to experience it in different ways, what we ask individuals with the collection, stated Transmedia Product Supervisor of 343 Industries, Kiki Wolf kill, is that they unwind in the elbow chair as well as inform them that we are going to offer them. One side of the master boss that you simply do not get to attempt on the video games .

As we pointed out at the start, the series was announced in the context of the presentation of the Xbox One in 2013 as well as, during that time, his launching was anticipated in 2015 with the engagement of Family filmmaker Steven Spielberg as a manufacturer. But later on, the project came under a spectacular space that did not come out until mid 2018, when the American TV outset chain, authorized the manufacturing of a first season of 10 episodes. In February 2021, the collection travelled through Paramount and here we are.

It seems a lie that was nearly 9 years earlier when Xbox introduced the Halo television series and also today we are at the entrances of his debut. As we stated at the beginning, the collection was revealed in the context of the discussion of the Xbox One in 2013 as well as, at that time, his debut was anticipated in 2015 with the participation of Family members filmmaker Steven Spielberg as a producer. One side of the master employer that you simply do not get to attempt on the games .

Inter negotiates with Atalanta about Gosens

Corresponding messages from Italy cover yourself with Italy cover information. Both clubs are in advanced negotiations, then Go sens must come with Inter to a denominator. Last in Newcastle in conversation The national player who was finally associated with Newcastle, should take over the left side of the Italian league leader. Inter plays like Atalanta in the 3-5-2 system. Under coach Gain Piero Gasparino, Go sens in Bergamo has risen to the international and crowd pleasure, in the past two seasons he reaches a total of 22 goals and 16 templates. At the EM, he made aware of Portugal with a hit and two assists at 4: 2 against Portugal. in two weeks again in team training At present, Go sens recovers from a heavy tendon injury in the thigh, in two weeks he wants to get back into team training. Only in which team is completely open.

BVB, News and rumors: Weigl kids about Tuchel, Moukoko before saying goodbye?

Julian Wall talks about his still existing Bundesligarekord and jokes towards Thomas Tuchel. Little funny, however, it is apparently the topic of Youssef Mouton. Everything about BVB today.

Here are the recent developments in BVB for reading.

BVB, News today: Wall kids about scarf and record

Also, two years after his farewell from the Bundesliga, ex-BVB Profit Julian Wall still holds the record for most ball contacts in a game. He had set up this on the 34th match day of the 2015/16 season at 2: 2 against the 1st FC Cologne. Whole 218 times he touched the game device in that match, so he trumped the former Bayern player ABI Alonso.

I’m often talked about that, of course, that makes me pride, said Wall now in the podcast Kicker meets DAZN : ABI Alonso is a role model for me – and if you catch up with me, then he deserves it.

If weight could have even had a few contacts more, he would not have been replaced by his former coach Thomas Tuchel already in the 84th minute. Since I have to call Thomas Tuchel again and be angry, Jill joked, which was changed in January 2020 for 20 million euros transfer from Dortmund to Benefice Lisbon.

BVB, News today: Mouton before farewell?

Sturmjuwel Youssef Mouton could leave Borussia Dortmund after expiration of his contract in the summer of 2023. His advisor Patrick Williams confirmed the build -dating that there is currently a dissatisfaction about the operating times of the 17-year-old.

It’s not a deductible that Yousuf extends the BVB, quoting the sheet Williams. Despite Mouton’s age, it has apparently given the hope in the top-talent camp’s camp to take a greater role in this season.

Yes, he has been thrown back a bit through injuries this season. Yes, the competition at BVB is of course big. But the playing time he needs in the current phase of his career, he barely gets in Dortmund, said Williams and pushed for: Of course we make ourselves what the best for the future is.

Mouton celebrated his Bundesliga debut in November 2020, only one day after his 16th birthday, and is therefore the youngest professional who ever raised in the German upper house. Previously, due to its benefits in the youth area, it had given a veritable hype around him. In 88 games for the U17 and U19 of the BVB he achieved 141 goals.

BVB, News today: Wake Pollen against politics

BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wake has criticized the plan of politics, to the current Corona regulations and thus the massive viewer restrictions, among other things, in football matches. It was always blamed, the football gets special rights in Germany, Wake said after the Federal Country Conference of the Build -dating: The opposite is just the case. The football is the victim of symbol policy.

It is bitter that the majority of MPK participants only think of prohibitions after two years and not also a minimum of possibilities and logical decisions, Wake said, who may also defend themselves legally: We will give us the decisions of the Country NRW exactly look at and check if we can check them in the express procedure.

BVB, News today: Accurate Haaland diagnosis further unclear

The exact downtime of BVB striker Erlang Haaland after his injury in the Bundesliga game at the TSG Cofferdam is further unclear. On Sunday and Monday, Haaland was studied in detail. According to the medical bulletin, Haaland is laboratory for muscular problems, which, however, requires treatment as well as further investigations in the coming days, said the BVB on Monday.

Which muscular issues are accurate, remained open. Haaland had fought himself to the bar in Sondheim after a sprint with a pain-distorted face and had to be replaced. In the cards the Norwegian and his club plays the now upcoming Leagues, the next mandatory game of Dortmund is only scheduled for February 6, then the BVB welcomes Bayer Leverkusen.

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BVB, schedule: the upcoming games

Date Competition opponent
Sunday, 06.02., 15.30 clock Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen (Home)
Sunday, 13.02., 3:30 pm Bundesliga Union Berlin (Away)

Thursday, 17.02., 18.45 clock | Europa League | Glasgow Rangers (Home)
Sunday, 20.02., 5:30 pm | Bundesliga | Borussia Mönchengladbach (home)
Thursday, 24.02., 9pm | Europa League | Glasgow Rangers (Away)

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection Now pre-order PS5 [Display]

On January 28, 2022, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection appears. This is a Remaster of the previous two PS4 classics Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: Lost Legacy. The Collection appears for the PS5 and thus brings the great uncharted series to the latest Sony console. You can pre-order these at the usual merchants.

Pre-order the Uncharted Collection for PS5:

  • Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, PS5 at Saturn
  • Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, PS5 at OTTO buy

These changes await you

Playfully, do not expect any changes. All single player campaigns of the games are included in the collection. However, there are no multiplayer modes, so that you can not play survival arena or other with the PS5-Remaster.

You expect three graphics modes:

  • Fidelity: With this mode, the games run in native 4k and with 30 fps.
  • Performance: Here you can expect a dynamic resolution with a frame rate of 60 fps.

Performance +: Whoever likes it particularly liquid and want to resist even quick movements, should select this option. The uncharted parts run in this mode with 120 fps, but also only in a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 (1080p).

In addition, the Uncharted Collection uses the benefits of PS5 such as faster charging times, the haptic feedback of the danseuse controller and 3D audio.

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Gamer supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

Action Square, Three Kingdoms Blaid 5th Anniversary

Action Square’s Mobile Games’ Three Kingdoms Laid’ will celebrate the fifth anniversary, and it is scheduled to carry out the ‘5th anniversary event’ with various prizes and game events.

The 5th anniversary of the 5th anniversary event plans to respond to users who have been for a long time and have a long time to deliver thanks to the 5th anniversary of the ‘Three Kingdom Laid’ service.

Participate in the game ‘Baeku-Baek Event’, and to achieve the cumulative score, or to create a full length on the new server, and the LG From Styler, the Grand Hyatt Hotel Gift Certificate, iPad, Dyson Iran, etc. And offers.

In addition, Action Square also has a 5th anniversary attendance event, with the 5th anniversary attendance event, a newly user-user special mission event, and a new user special mission event, etc. The special coupons available in new servers, as well as special coupons available in new servers, are also disclosed through brand pages and official communities.

The Three Kingdoms Laid officials said, The event that will proceed with the fifth anniversary of the five anniversary is prepared for a compensation for a compensation for a compensation for the past, which was prepared for a compensation for the past, I told us once again thank you for your users.

Meanwhile, Action Square will disclose the 5th anniversary of the first half of the week and the 20022 as a result of the audited mind on the user and thanks to the users.

BVB: Donyell painting it wants to “go quieter”

Donnell painted on the part of Borussia Dortmund the crucial man in the tight 3: 2 victory against the TSG Cofferdam. The BVB attacker was involved in all three goals. The play-free phase wants to use the Dutch now for regeneration.

The football Bundesliga goes into a small interruption after the end of the 20th match day. FIFA was blocked in August 2020 the time window between January 24 and February 1 in the appointment calendars to catch up by the World Cup qualifiers labeled because of the Corona Pandemic. All confederations except except UEFA are on the ball, for most of the Bundesliga professionals there is a break.

If the time allowed, I’ll let it be calmer, Donnell explained a day after the third round-round victory of Russia in series against club media. Really, however, the 23-year-old will not be: We also have to work hard. There are many things that we can improve and need. These 14 days are ideal. The next game is for BVB on February 6th, when Bayer Leverkusen is guests.

According to Donnell, it is important to improve the defense work. You must defend better as a team, so the summer newcomer: Yesterday we sometimes lost control. We have to better control the games and therefore more stable.

Painting the BVB: When it runs, then it’s going

Especially in the last ten minutes of the game, the game threatened to tilt again in favor of Oppenheimer. Ultimately, the BVB rescued the tight victory but over time. It was hard. Everyone has worked hard to get the three points, the match winner showed himself easier: If you win, you’re really satisfied, so they’re all happy.

For the wingers the three templates were the first for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. Really, he did not change his game compared to the rather mixed season start, as he emphasized: If you are new to a club, of course, it can be a bit different. But I have made the same stuff as at the beginning, and now it worked. When it runs, it’s going.

Insider states: Battlefield 2042 runs so negative that it can be free2play

The current Battlefield has not just a heavy cubicle with the fans. Battlefield 2042 evidently runs so Main and currently sheds so several players that also the rip-off service providers have actually established support for the game.

The flood of bad information around Battlefield 2042 does not seem to desire to abbreviate.

The well-known insider Tom Henderson has now shared on Twitter that EA is additionally dissatisfied with the Performance of the video game. In a tweet he claimed:

Henderson has reported numerous relied on as well as proper information regarding Battlefield in advancement in the past. However, this details is informal as well as a result with caution to take pleasure in. A verification that Battlefield 2042 is free-to-play, that is not yet.

EA is supposedly very disappointed by the efficiency of Battlefield 2042 and Examine all choices when it comes to the title, consisting of the ability to put in a free-to-play in some way.

Tom Henderson on Twitter

Adverse mood for Battlefield 2042 gets to important dimensions

The bad mood around Battlefield 2042 currently existed before the release thanks to a disappointing beta. Also, 3 months after launch, the negative messages do not finish for DICE.

EA has currently reacted with huge changes in the one in charge floor of DICE in the past. EA also tries to minimize the rudder with more radical techniques if the insider must preserve right. So the repayment model of the game itself can experience a wonderful transition.

The issues originate from all directions: There was a lot of attention, for instance, for the strongly decreasing player numbers, the harmful closure of the subredittion as a result of hazardous actions and also amazing settlements of Steam to dissatisfied gamers.

The most up-to-date update, which has actually transformed about the heavily slammed scoreboard, has likewise not satisfied the community.


Whether this takes place is currently not to be examined. That Battlefield 2042 does not matter severely, shows concerning the return of Thrill:

The most preferred setting of Battlefield 2042 is back: You truly hear you

The flood of bad news around Battlefield 2042 does not seem to want to abbreviate.

Henderson has actually reported lots of trusted and proper information regarding Battlefield in development in the past. A confirmation that Battlefield 2042 is free-to-play, that is not.

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