Riot Games is an American publishing and video clip game development company established in 2006 as well as located in Los Angeles, California. She likewise arranges numerous electronic sporting activity competitions. The company had just one video game published for more than 10 years, Organization of Legends, released in 2009 and provided him all his online reputation because the appeal he meets as well as maintains over time. During the year 2020, nevertheless, the company releases Legends of Runeterra, Valor and Organization of Legends: Wild Break.

US Game Saw Riot Games compensate US $100 million (about W118.4bn) to employees who suffer sex discrimination.

Riot Games to Pay $100 Million in Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement - IGN Daily Fix
The US IT Media Luge, such as IT media, said that Riot Games, the Riot Games, was decided to pay $100 million to the employees of agreement and $100 million.

Riot Games decided to pay $80 million and the cost of suits to the group litigation party. The company also promised to change the working environment, such as ensuring salary transparency and receiving external audits for three years.

In 2018, Riot Games ago, current female employees have heard a group of collective lawsuits to the company after listening to sex discrimination to male colleagues. They pointed out that the company has been built in advance, promotion, paying for men than women in the benefit, he said.

In 2019, the company decided to agree to $10 million, but the California Process Employment Housing Department (DFE) and the Working Standard (ELSE) argue that the company has to pay up to $400 million to the victims, and the agreement was crowded.

The subjects of the paid will be about 1,65 female employees and 1,300 female contract workers.

Today, said Harrison lawyer, said, Today, today is a significant day for all video games, technology companies, including women of Riot Games, and technical women’s workers. He added, Since 2018, Riot Games reflected to become a diversity and an incompatible company, feels responsible for the past, and thanks to being dedicated to fairness and equality.

The company says, I admit that the employees have suffered a negative experience in the Riot, and I hope this agreement will be an example of showing more responsibility and equality in the game industry.