In the past few days, a lot of criticism in LeBron James proved in the social networks, which had put the coronavirus on a level with the flu and a cold in an Instagram post. Although he did not want to comment on the criticism of NBA-Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but tried to explain his post.

Last weekend, the Lakers star had posted a Spider-Man meme on Instagram, where he compared the coronavirus with the flu and a cold. As a result, Abdul-Jabbar published an essay and criticized James for the coronavirus to bother.

The mail is a blow against James otherwise worthy legacy, so Abdul-Jabbar. And on, How some of the comments that celebrate LeBron’s Post, he has supported those who do not want to vaccinate what the situation for us all deteriorates, as it delays our health and economic upswing.

Re-addressed to the comments by Abdul-Jabbar James said at the press conference after the 132: 123 victory against the Rockets: I do not want to give an answer to Kareem. And if you have seen the post office and my text, then you know that I literally question: ‘Help me to understand that.’

We all try to understand this pandemic. We try to understand COVID-19 and the new variants and the flu, the 36-year-old continued to do. I think some people forget the flu. But they still exist, now is just flu’s season. My daughter is in the first class, many of the children get a normal cold or the flu.

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According to the US Johns Hopkins University, since January 2020, about 5.4 million people have died in connection with the Coronavirus. In the NBA, a Corona wave is currently spreading, which is probably only mild or no symptoms with the most infected vaccinations. Other players like Joel Embed had repeatedly complained of strong side effects of corona infection in the past.