There is a lot of talk about the community about the Under case. The French are particularly virulent with the former To planer of G2 ESPORTS, in particular because it was a bit unrivaled by the prince of the To plane that ended up being the King of Toxicity, Adam. But beyond the charlatan, we must admit that the last year of him with G2 was particularly complicated. Unable to notice the difference and, often, being dominated in the lane of it, the Danish crystallized the criticisms and cut the wings of the hopes of getting title for the samurai.

Thank You, Wunder
However, several influential community members think that Under will recover quickly, especially because he can evolve in a totally new environment next year. It was something that came to mind when Cadre emphasized several times during the retransmissions of him that Under was always a very important player for the team that was playing. And it is true that if Fanatic opted for him, it is probably because the leaders are convinced that he still has a lot to show. Who are we to believe that Under is burned from the competitive circuit?

No, Under is not (still) a waste

To be completely honest, we did not go the last to laugh at Under and the problems of him last year. It must be said that on several occasions he seemed notoriously left, and we asked ourselves what was going through his mind. Lack of concentration or lack of involvement, the lost duel against Adam and Fanatic seemed particularly a change in the mental state of him. However, for us, the Danish is far from finishing and could recover in the competitive season of 2022.

Under is still young Under is a veteran, but he is not a dinosaur either. Even if he has been in the European elite for several years (to be concrete since the spring of 2016), he is only 23 years old. The Danish is still at the best time of his life and will also be noticed that he has played all the splits and all the games since January 14, 2016. It is not as if it were an ancestor who had to be learned from the game and the Current goal
Lack of motivation but not lacking talent : Under statistics in 2021 are quite horrendous. With a nefarious DA (2.6), a Farmer mediocre (8 CSM) and a riding kill participation (51%), the record of it is catastrophic; but, paradoxically, he is almost reassuring. We know that the To planer had a small problem this year to get involved and motivate yourself in the project. Therefore, we can defend the cause of the accident, and we do not believe that he has lost all the talent of him overnight; It is enough to restart the machine so that he restarts again. Under is still Quad Europe champion and a winner of the only MSI who has got Occident.
Under will land in a new super equipment : Under has not all been well throughout 2021, but he is not the only G2 player who has disappointed and, in general, all team has failed this season. But next year, Fanatic should make sparks and Under lands on a team that impresses: Under, Razor, Humanoid, Upset and Hulling complete a team of the most competitive and favorite to win everything. Under is likely to take advantage of this new boost to relaunch and show the scope of his talent, which we still assume very present. It should be noted also that he finds Yamato as a coach with whom it was revealed to the highest level when the Danish played at Splice. And what do you think about Under ? Will he return to publish an unhealthy copy, or he will be able to become the reference of the gliders in Europe? In any case, we hope for FANATIC that there is no expansion of WOW planned for next year…