Following the pre-orders in the United States in October, the Xbox mini refrigerator has become available for pre-order in Canada for $149.99 CAD at 9 am EST this morning. However, the mini refrigerator quickly sold in minutes.

If you are a bit confusing, here is a story behind. In March 2020, Xbox tweeted a small joke graph comparing the new Xbox Series X to an ordinary refrigerator for the ladder. It quickly made snowball into a viral meme, becoming the subject of Twitter’s conversation.

Rather than let him stop there, Xbox has decided to follow the idea. In October of last year, the seemingly harmless meme gave rise to a refrigerator Xbox Series X in its own right. The refrigerator was a 1: 1 scale replica of 6 feet high and 400 pounds of the X-series. It was offered to Snoop Dogg and offered a fan during a contest.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Is A LOW QUALITY Novelty... But How COLD Does It Get? Review!
This refrigerator had an Xbox icon on the front of the refrigerator that illuminates. Using the disc player slot to open the refrigerator door, the Xbox boot sound will welcome you.
Fast-forward until October and Xbox announced the launch of the Xbox Series X mini-refrigerator. The new mini fridge is designed to look like the Xbox Series X and can contain up to 12 beverage cans. He also has two shelves on the door. The front of the mini refrigerator even includes a USB port for loading.

After becoming available for the pre-orders this morning, the mini refrigerator quickly sold in minutes. Some reports report people capable of getting your hands on one. However, the Microsoft Store indicates that it is currently out of stock, so you probably have no luck.

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