The ingenuity reaches unsuspected limits and thanks to the social networks In general we can check with immensely the ingenuity of the people. This video that we are going to leave below is simply the best thing that has given us the year in terms of fun content that has become viral.

Pro Squid Game Players be like:
You can see it right below. A type called Commander Karl starts recharging, as if they were video game weapons, but with routine objects like a silicone gun, a sharpener or even a toaster. The result is truly great.

As you can see, the type has cured the video edition, adding HUD sounds and markers with vitality and other elements, as if in Half-Life they let us throw tosses to enemies. It is funny also the violence with which he performs the action, and it is true that it is very typical of this type of video game animations, where the characters recharge with vehemence.

In the title of the video, the creator of him shows him as compilation 1, so we can expect more deliveries, as if of a Netflix series it was. Of course, even if it is lost the surprise effect, we already want to see what he has prepared, because sure he is just as funny.