Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl will have a fairly strong future, as the developers of the game seeking to compete with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate advanced some surprises that are preparing. Crossed game, more characters, and voices for the entire cast are on the way.

The next character that will reach the game will be free The confirmation came by Diego Hernández, art director of All-Star Brawl. During a live broadcast of the professional player of Smash Bros., Hungry box, the director had a small appearance, and shared the details with the public in the Stream.

I will only say, that we have been listening to the prayers of him, and very soon they will hear from us, were the words with which Hernández concluded his segment of ads. Guido was more than evident, and although he was not allowed to be 100% clear with the news, the manager simply smiled when Hungry box asked him if the voices of the community were heard.

As for characters, Hernández confirmed one last Addition free to the game, just like the newly launched Garfield, and will come very soon. Then, there will be more fighters, but these will already have a cost that we still do not know. The game crossed, on the other hand, was confirmed for all platforms, so soon we can compete online with many more players.


The developers of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl have proven to be very communicative with the community. Recently, they invited players to share the character they would like to see in the title, and the addition of voices was perhaps the request more requested by all, something that will eventually be true in the future.