Similar to the predecessor, the game world is located by Horizon Forbidden West full of machine creatures. To introduce you to this something more precisely, Sony and the Developer Studio Guerrilla Games have published a new trailer, which of course we do not want to pretend you.

What to see in the trailer?

The video gives you a closer look at the various creatures created with In game graphics, which will run the way over the way in Horizon Forbidden West. Ideally, however, you avoid a direct confrontation, because a large part of this mechanical engineering is very mindfully minded and correspondingly dangerous. This is already in most cases to recognize at your appearance alone.

Although there are also some rather peacefully set creatures, but these most tracts of the protagonists after life. This ranges from huge snakes that are leaning through the wide desert sections to machines that are similar to a Velociraptor and are traveling accordingly. Some of them can be tamed and use as a mount to travel faster through the great game world. But she should always be very careful.

Horizon Forbidden West: Trailer introduces the deadly machines

When is Horizon Forbidden West on the market?

Originally, the publication of the PlayStation Exclusive Action Adventure for the end of this year was planned. However, the Developer Studio Guerrilla Games needed a little more time for the finishing touch and has therefore decided on the next year for a shift. The release is now for the 18 February 2022 on the PS4 and the PS5.

Source: Sony

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